Getting More Fans on Hubpages

If you want people to view your articles, you neeed to either get traffic from Google and other search engines, or get views from other people on the site. One way to do that is to gain more fans.

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On Hubpages, your new hubs will show up in your fan’s feed. You will get more readers if more people see you’ve written something new. But how do you get fans on Hubpages? It used to be easier, because there was a section to check all new hubs. that part of the site is no longer there, so it’s hard to find new writers and their work. You have to actively search the site for anything that isn’t already in your feed. So it can be hard to get new fans on Hubpages these days.

You have to go out and look for them. The best way to do it is to go around the site and read the hubs of users you haven’t connected to yet. You can find them from comments in the hubs of people you’re already following. Then you just click on their name, and it will take you to their profile page. Then you can either follow them or read some of their hubs and leave comments. Some will follow you back, and then you will be in their feed. You can also look through the popular hubs section for new people to follow.


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  1. I also write in hubpages and nothing beats reading other people’s hubs to find someone to follow. By reading and commenting, we can create new fans and grow your circle.


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