Get Up And Move To Relieve Tension


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Do you have everyday health issues such as headaches, upset stomach, back pain, insomnia, anger or anxiety? Chronic tension can be the reason behind these problems. This can also be the reason for such long term medical conditions as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. These stressful times can be the reason behind you making some bad food choices.

Women seem to be more apt to experience tension and they are more apt to feel the physiological effects as well. Stress is not more prevolent however in either gender.

One powerful way to reduce tension is to get up and move around. This encourages blood flow, gets our muscles moving and helps us to feel better triggering the body’s response to relax.

Here are some ideas on how to get up and get moving:


is probably one of the best plans for releiveing stress. You don’t have to  have any special equipment to join a class. And you can do it most anywhere. Releasing tension in major muscles and it calms the nervous system. Being out around nature is naturally relaxing.


As you raise your heart rate you are also improving agility and grace. It also has mental, physical and emotional benefit aspects. Learning new dance steps such as in ballroom dancing can stave off dementia.


is actually termed as a low impact workout. You can burn 200 calories an hour weeding. It refreshes the spirit to come into contact with the earth and nature.


is a very good way to reduce blood pressure and help to make you more flexible. The positions require you to concentrate and this helps your mind to focus instead of worrying and analyzing. Hatha might be a good type of yoga to start out with because it is gentler and focus more on the reduction of tension while other types are more athletic such as Bidram, ashtanga and power.

Tai Chi:

is often called “meditation in motion” and comes from the Chinese martial art known as tai chi chuan. It works to reduce stress by linking the breath with physical movement. Other things you will find with Tai Chai is an increase in flexibility, more restful sleep, more cardiovascular fitness and better balance.

There are several styles of Tai Chi and it has over 100 fluid and gentle movements and there are no pauses, as in Yoga, between the poses.

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Eve York

I am a 62 years young lady who enjoys writing and making an extra buck or two doing it. I enjoy writing, mountain biking and hanging out with my grandkids and my daughter. I love to laugh and enjoy time spent. I hope to write a lot of tips on here and find some new friends perhaps.

29 thoughts on “Get Up And Move To Relieve Tension”

  1. These are great tips to relieve stress. Some would just tend to be on bed the whole day and just feel bad about it but actually, going out and doing things like you have mentioned can be totally the great cure.

  2. Nice tips. Probably true because during exercise, the so-called “happy hormones” (endorphins) are released, accdg. to health professionals so moving a lot makes us happy and release tension.

  3. I did shibashi tai chi back in college simply because my wife (still my girlfriend then) took it as her PE. It can relieve stress well. Now, i turn to walking and gardening.

  4. Excellent tips. I am tweeting this post because I am sure many people can benefit from these ideas. there is just too much stress around us.

  5. I should do more gardening as my garden does need a little bit more attention and it’s rainy season now so it’s a great time to plant.


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