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After graduation month, a lot of people would be on the hunt for a new job.  Some would take months before they could land on their first job but some would be lucky enough to get a job on the first try. There are a lot of factors to be considered when an interviewee accepts an applicant but heads up! You could increase your chances of being selected by following these simple and practical tips!


  • Clean up your RESUME

Check for typographical errors and observe proper lay out. Also, don’t forget to consider your grammar. Some employers are turned off with the slightest error in your resume so make it perfect! Pick out the best formal picture that you would attach in your resume.  Make sure the email you put there is working and the contact number is also available at all times. Some employer would not call the second time if you missed their first one.


  • Research about the COMPANY

If you know more about the company, you could also know the type of employees that they are looking for. You could highlight those points about you when you are already doing the interview. Furthermore, you could impress the interviewer to think that you are not just interested to have a job but also enthusiastic about joining the company. If you know any insiders or have friends who work for the same company, ask as many information as possible.


  • Conduct a MOCK INTERVIEW


Practice makes perfect. It would make you develop your confidence and be more prepared with the questions. List possible interview questions or research on the net about the most asked questions during interviews. You could do it with a friend or a family member. You could also do it alone in front of the mirror so you could also check your facial expressions and gestures.


  • Never be Late nor RESCHEDULE


When the employer called you to set the interview, never ask to reschedule. This would give the impression that you are not that interested with the job. Secondly, never show up late for an interview. Check the location of the company before hand and better to arrive way earlier than a few minutes late. Tardiness gives a bad impression so do your best to avoid this from happening!


With the high unemployment rate, the competition for jobs is fierce. If you would not make yourself stand out in some way, you would be more likely to be jobless for some months. Prepare, pack a lot of self confidence and positive attitude, then surely you could land on a job one of these day! Good luck!


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I am former contributor for Bayanihan News Australia and currently a part-time blogger/writer for different websites. I also teach English to Korean and Chinese students online. But most especially, a proud mom of three. ^_^

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