Get Paid to Share Your Recipes at My Recipe Magic

How to Earn Money At My Recipe Magic

I’m sure that many of you are familiar with revenue-share article sites like Hubpages, Squidoo, and so forth. Well, Recipe Magic is kind of like that — it’s basically a revenue-share site, only you’re earning money through recipes you post, not articles. The more your recipes are viewed, the more money you can make. My Recipe Magic can afford to pay you for views because they run advertisements on their site. So the more visitors/ad clicks their site gets, the more profitable they are, and this makes it possible for them to share their earnings with you.

In addition to paying you revenue-share for your recipe views, My Recipe Magic also has a neat little rewards program where you earn points that you can redeem for different gift cards. The details on the rewards program are very easily accessible — just click on the purple tab on the left of the My Recipe Magic home page. Basically you get points for different actions — liking them on Facebook and Twitter, uploading recipes, commenting on other recipes, and so on. The gift cards currently available are for Shoe Buy, Bark Box, JC Penney, and several other retailers.

How My Recipe Magic Benefits Bloggers

If you are a blogger, you can link every recipe you submit to your blog. This means that when your recipes are viewed by others, there is a chance they will click through to your blog. Of course that equals more traffic for you, plus a back link from My Recipe Magic. Also, My Recipe Magic helps out with promotion by sharing submitted recipes to their own Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts.

You do not have to be a blogger to get paid here. Anyone can submit recipes and earn money at My Recipe Magic.

How You Get Paid

My Recipe Magic pays you directly with Paypal once a month. The minimum amount for payout is not listed on the website, but I emailed them to find out and they responded, saying you only need a minimum of $1 to get a payment each month.

How Much You Can Realistically Make?

The information I read here indicates that current users are averaging $3 per recipe per month, but it’s all really dependent on how popular your recipes are and how many views they get. I obviously wouldn’t recommend depending on this kind of income. Revenue-share income is never a sure thing. I would consider it “bonus” money for doing something that you enjoy — sharing recipes.

A word of advice — when it comes to recipes, good pictures are everything. So when you upload recipes, make every effort to include good quality pictures with them. You can use the free photo editing site, Pic Monkey, to dress up your existing pictures and make them look even better. The better your pictures, the more people will likely click through to view your recipes, and the more money you will make. Also, I’m sure that you’ll probably stand a better chance of getting featured on My Recipe Magic’s front page if you have included good quality photos with your submitted recipes. This would also equal more views/more money.

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