Genesis Framework – Build a Professional and Secure WordPress Site

Genesis Framework will turn every WordPress site into a professional and secure website. If you want to build a brand – think about Genesis Framework. It is designed to help website owners, bloggers and webmasters create an environment of trust.

Genesis Framework will turn every WordPress site into a professional and secure website. If you want to build a brand - think about Genesis Framework.

I believe that first impression lasts. If I visit your website today, I could be easily turn off by your website design and structure. This is why StudioPress handcrafted Genesis. I have designed several websites and all of them were built on Genesis Framework. I couldn’t think of any other theme to use.

You are here because you want to know more about Genesis. I bet you are about to buy Genesis Framework and one of its Genesis child themes when you have second thoughts: Why not turn into a cheaper WordPress themes? Why not look for free WordPress themes, instead? Why should I switch to Genesis?

I am not a mind reader, however, these questions came into my mind when I was about to use Genesis 3 years ago. You might be starting a new blog, or you might have an existing website that needs facelift. To help you decide, here are the reasons why Genesis Framework is the recommended theme framework for WordPress.

You should be using the Genesis Framework because:

SEO Optimized

When ranking for search engines, especially Google – it’s not just about the content. The website code and architecture are considered. Fortunately, when you have Genesis installed, you don’t have to think about it. In other words, you can focus building your hub. The code and architecture are well taken care of for better search engine visibility. However, bear in mind that Genesis alone won’t rank your website. The most important factor about SEO today is content. Now that you have Genesis, you don’t have to worry about how your WordPress template is coded. Focus on the most important factor to further your business.

Genesis Framework is built on HTML5

The web is constantly evolving and we want to make sure that every single update won’t affect our site. We are thankful that Genesis is built on the new code standard called HTML5. We don’t have to worry about future changes – we are always ready for it. There’s no crashing of important pages! In addition, your target market use different browsers in their day to day surfing. How if the majority of your clients use Internet Explorer (IE)? How if the WordPress theme you are using has problem rendering on IE? That would cost you a lot of money. Don’t you know that some developers would charge you high on making your site cross-browser compatible? Not anymore. Genesis Framework is cross-browser compatible.

Importantly, HTML5 makes your website mobile friendly! You will lost sales if your site is not mobile responsive. Don’t you know that most of the people today are using their smartphones in browsing the web? It’s true, I am more preferred in Googling on my smartphone, I can do it anywhere! I also shop on my Smartphone! If you have a Woocommerce site, or a membership site – you don’t have to worry about the bigger portion of the pie who browse the web on mobile devices.

One Time Fee for Unlimited Websites, Updates & Support

When purchasing a theme or a plugin, I always see to it that the developer would offer a long-term support and update for the product. For a one time payment, you get the following:

  • Unlimited Updates – When you have it installed and running – you can always benefit future enhances and bug fixes. What’s awesome? It’s a click of a mouse. It’s just like updating a plugin. You don’t have to download anything. You are entitled for a lifetime of updates (not just limited for 1 year).
  • Unlimited Support – You don’t have to pay for another year of support. Even if you don’t seek for support – there’s Google. There are lots of useful Genesis tutorials you can Google for free. Think about anything and search it on Google – there you have it. A good sign that Genesis Framework has been widely used since its inception.
  • Unlimited Websites – That’s right. Get Genesis Framework now (and one of its child themes) and install it on as many websites you want. This is why Genesis Framework is profitable for web developer like me. I only purchased Genesis once, and I can use it with my current and future clients’ without having any legal problems with Rainmaker Digital, LLC. I tell you, once you installed it in one of your sites, you can’t resist of using it with the rest of your WordPress sites.

Built with Security

A website getting hacked is a nightmare. It could end up your business. WordPress is a dynamic CMS but is surrounded by many hackers who want to exploit one’s web resources. However, it won’t stop us from using WordPress. The positives outweigh the negatives. You can prevent hackers from exploiting your precious data by using Genesis Framework and installing WordPress security plugin like WordFence. Also, you should always refrain yourself from using “admin” as your username and weak passwords. LastPass could be a great password management tool you can use so that you can generate ugly codes as passwords and you do not have to remember all of them except your master password. I am telling you these things because Genesis alone won’t make your site hack free based on experience.

StudioPress brought Mark Jaquith, a security expert and core WordPress developer, to guide them build Genesis as secure as possible. However, there are so many factors that could make your site vulnerable to hackers: plugins, passwords, hosting, etc.

With the Genesis Framework, a trusted hosting provider, a better security plugin and a better orientation on how to operate your site to become hack-free – you can sleep tight a night knowing your site has its full protection.

Lightweight and tons of Child Themes to Choose From

Here, you would understand why Genesis is called a Framework and why there are child themes. Why we call it a Framework anyway? According to the WordPress Codex, a theme framework is a base/starter stand-alone theme for a quicker WordPress development. It’s true with Genesis.

Don’t get frustrated after installing Genesis. Your site could be pretty simple. Lack of design, etc. Don’t judge the book by its cover! It is packed with awesome features inside. One of it’s greatest feature is the parent-child functionality. Genesis is the foundation for further customization done inside the child themes.

In addition, it is built with speed in mind – yes – it’s lightweight! Expect a faster page load speed when you decide to switch to Genesis.

What is a Child Theme?

According to the codex, a child theme inherits the functionality of the parent theme. Child theme’s main purpose it to modify the parent theme. In case of Genesis Framework, all of its core functionality will be inherited by a child theme, except for some optional settings that are overridden by the child theme’s own functions (on functions.php, this will make a child theme distinct from the others). The child theme, in the absence of a specific styling (CSS), will also inherits the parent theme’s styling.

In most cases, the child theme is packed with unique styling to modify the parent’s style. Here comes the customization. When you have a design in mind, it will be done on the child theme. Genesis Framework will remain intact. What happens when Genesis rolls an update?

You won’t lost anything. You can update Genesis without losing any of the customization made on the child theme. This is why the recommended practice in modifying a theme is through a child theme on top of its parent. See? Genesis follows the recommended practice.

StudioPress has lots of awesome themes, but if you don’t want to pay extra for a child theme – you can always use a free child theme!

Custom Widgets, Layout Options & Plugins

You don’t have to learn to code (CSS, PHP) in order to play the settings of Genesis.

  • Custom Widgets – You can use the custom widgets available on Appearance > Widgets. Most child themes have widgetized homepage, so you can drag and drop custom widgets according to your preference. For example, here on Self-Help, I am using Featured Posts widget in displaying the different sections of the homepage. It doesn’t need any advanced knowledge. A basic knowledge of WordPress will get you going.
  • Layout Options – you are not limited to one layout options! When you create a new page or post – you can change the layout settings. If you want to have two sidebars (sidebar, content, sidebar) on a particular page – it’s possible. If you want to use a full width template – it’s a click of a mouse.
  • Plugins for Genesis – Genesis Responsive Slider, Genesis Simple Edits, Genesis Simple Hooks, Genesis eNews Extended, and Genesis Simple Share are plugins specifically designed for Genesis. Please click on the links to learn more about these plugins. Also, Genesis Framework is compatible with almost all famous WordPress plugins in the WordPress repository like Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, etc.

Find a Developer who Knows Genesis Well

If you want to build a child theme from scratch to reflect your own brand and message – it could be more than using custom widgets and playing with the color and layout options. You need a developer who will do all these things for you. Fortunately, there are several developers who are willing to help you. I offer my service to edit or create an existing Genesis child themes from scratch for a price that fits your budget. Feel to contact me whenever you need help developing a WordPress site with Genesis Framework.

So How Much is Genesis Framework?

It’s as cheap as $59.95. One time payment. Unlimited Updates. Unlimited Websites. Unlimited Support. There’s a lot more mentioned above. Can you think of a theme framework that beats Genesis?


Based on my experience – Genesis is a 5-star WordPress theme framework. I’ve been using Genesis in redesigning and developing several sites for my clients. Genesis is a life saver with an affordable price of $59.95! True, it is the best foundation for quicker WordPress development. With it, I can focus on the look and feel of the website – the core functionality is already coded with airtight security so I am at ease that the theme I am working is fast loading, SEO optimized, follow the new code standard (HTML5) and secure. For non-developers, Genesis is beginner friendly with its custom widgets, color style, layout options and plugins.

What are you waiting for? Contact me if you need clarification or help.

If I miss something, please feel free to drop a comment. I’d appreciate that.

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

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