Fun in the Rain

I was lucky to have been able to spend some of my childhood here and in the USA.  I remember the rainy season before. It was not that serious and the rain was much much cleaner then. When I was in high school I remember how we would play in the rain. Especially in the province. During the rainy season some of my cousins would come here to spend the weekend. When the rain starts, we would wait a while to see if it would get stronger or steady. Also it would wash all the dirt from the roof hence making the rain water falling thru the gutter clean.

We would run down the stairs and lift our faces to the sky and feel the cool rain water splashing on us. The rain was cleaner then, not much smog or pollution. In between my house and my grandmother’s house my dad cemented so we would jump there, even sit on the patio chairs. We would also bring soap and shampoo. We would run to be first to go under the gutter where the water was strong and clear, my dad also placed stones and pebble under so it won’t get muddy, after we were really wet we would soap and shampoo and rinse again. Our parents would be watching us on the balconies. Hahaha I would remember some uncles joining.

It didn’t matter how old we were, from 5 yrs old – 20 years old. We had fun. After we would have a final shower in the bathroom just to rinse off. Then when we were all dry our grandmother would serve us snacks, fried bananas, hot pandesal, native chocolate or tsokolate, all hot and thick and sweet. We would dip the hot pandesal or the sticky rice known as ibus or sumanin the tsokolate and eat. It didn’t matter if it dripped or was messy, it was fun. My cousins from the city would always love to do that. Since our house was just across my mom and dad would come over and bring more food. We even had cold soft drinks and juices as choices.

I am happy my daughter was also able to experience playing and taking a shower in the rain. Sometimes her classmates and some cousins too would do it. I’m sad that the children of some of my cousins never experienced it because they lived in the city.

Even when I was a mother I would play in the rain with my daughter. Now that the smog and pollution is thick, the rain is not as clean as it was before. Kind of sad.

Nice to reminisce the past, the happy childhood we had without cell phones, lap tops etc… What wonderful memories.

These pictures I took from Yahoo free images to show the fun in the rain 🙂


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  1. The more carbon dioxide we put in the air, the more acid the rain. Soon any rainy day activity will be but a memory.


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