A Frugal Traveler: Travelling tips on a tight budget. Part 2: Days and Money Matters

Part 2:  Days and Money Matter

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  1.  Days:

Now if we have decided where to go and what to see and do, how long will we be out there?  Will there be another destination after another?   Hmm such a good idea, eh.  Anyway, decide also on how long we will take our break.   A day,  a week,  a month .. ahhhm  a year?   Oh well that depends on how much money we would like to spend .  Remember, the longer the number of days, the more expensive.   Since we have planned ahead of where to go and also what we will do day to day, I am sure that we can decide now the number of days we will stay in our dream destination.   It is very important that we know how long we will be staying in a place because we should be able to monitor our expenses and our cash on hand.

  1.  Money/Budget Matters:

It is better if we can allocate money for our daily expenses that excludes the house or hotel .  We have to think, how much money we will spend in a day to day basis.   I am a coffee person,  if I will be out of the house I will be drinking and spending too much on coffee.  So to be able to save, what I usually do is.  bring a portable heater I meant for boiling water and sachets of coffee (we have 3 in 1 usually) .  Either that or I will look for a place where hot water is available any time.

One important thing is also have EXTRA money in your pocket.  This extra money will not be used but just in case of emergency.   Usually I have 1,000 pesos if I travel domestic and 100 Usd when I travel out of the country.  If  we will not be able to use this EXTRA money, at least we have something to spend after our extravagant but simple vacation.

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  1. Having the extra cash will definitely help. When traveling to other countries it is good to know the exchange rate. Moreover having an idea of the cost of living there will give you an inkling how much you might spend.


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