From Whom You Take the Best Advice to Boost Your Blogging Career for Money

Just a few days ago I was started thinking of whom do I take advice from.

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Think about it for a minute would you take advice from an accountant that could not handle his own books?  Or how about taking health tips from a person that is 50 lbs over weight? Or better yet would take  advice on how to switch career and find your dream job from a guy that is stuck in a job that he hates?

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This got me thinking, am I taking advice from people just like what I shared from above?

I am sure I have taken some advice from someone that was not fully equipped to sharing advice.

Taking the right advice

I want to follow and learn from the people that have been there and done that.  I want to follow and learn from people like Jon Acuff who put in the experience to call himself a “Quitter!”

I was intrigued and started researching some online to find so many people struggling, trying, or wanting to make money online.

That’s right, there our these websites popping up every single day thinking if they just create something fancy or nice design the people just start coming automatically.

I have known of companies and people that have poured thousands of dollars into web designs, programmers, and creating fancy expensive logos.

Not saying that anything is wrong with that.

Identify the real problem

The problem is they have no visitors, readers, or traffic to these now beautiful designed sites.

The real problem was getting people to come to their sites.

Though, when I really look into the journey that I have taken I was probably that naive at once, as well.  That’s when I started to research, learn, and take advice from experts like Matt Cutts.

That’s when I fully discovered the real answer.

So what’s the real answer

I am so glad you asked, because I am so excited so share with you.  The real answer is to learn about SEO and marketing.

In my experience, so many times people forget that the internet is though used by people are still computers.

I see so many people wanting to start a website and gain traffic, but forget to truly educate themselves on some of the basic strategies and techniques of Search Engine Optimization.

I know many beginners will think of the 2 big avenues for gaining more traffic being:

  • Paid Ads
  • Rank High on Search Engines

While these can be effective ways to bring more traffic for websites, if you choose to stick with only these two ways you’re really limiting your site.  With creative thinking, out of the box mindset, and solid education can drive a much cheaper, easier, and faster way to the end results of attracting more visitors guaranteed!

The next step to take

It is a must in today’s market to be educated on SEO and marketing skills.

Your read that correctly it’s a skill!  This is not magic.

It’s a simple skill. YOU can learn. And it’s so much fun!

I promise once you grasp a hold of and want to learn this new skill the opportunities are unlimited.

Have you taken advice from someone that you probably should not have? Have you tried to get more traffic, but cannot seem to get any traction?  Agree? Disagree? Please share your thoughts below.

Published on Jan. 2013 @, updated on Mar. 4, 2015.

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