Friendships of Today: The Virtual Consolers


When we have problems, the first people that we should seek help from should be our family. Our parents are the first people that would be hurt when they know that we are going through some phase. However, not all people could be as close to their families as others. Some would rather tell their friends to spare their families from pain. But how much of these people do get positive results? Whom should they trust?


Admittedly, since I was young, I would open up with friends. It was hard for me to speak freely to my parents because they were both strict. Telling everything to my best friends was like talking to yourself. But when you are younger, most often than not, whether you are doing a good thing or bad, friends would tend to just be going along with whatever you want or have decided upon. What does it lack? MATURITY.


But as we grow older, we meet new people. Some would stay, some would go. But those who stays are the people that have such great impact in our lives. Aside from the people that we have met when we were kids or teenagers, we, writers/ online addicts (LOL) have formed a bond among several people. These people are the ones we have met from different social media sites. Isn’t it amazing how the social media sites have become such a huge part of our lives that some have actually met the person they wanted to be with for the rest of their lives?  I didn’t meet my husband on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg must still be in his diapers when I was in College! But the people that I have met online are the people who knows the real me. Why did I say that? It’s because, during the younger years, all we have talked about was probably on boys, fashion, gossips and shopping. But now, it is about LIFE.


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It is not about leaving old friendships behind. But rather having friends that would truly understand the new you and be able to provide you with helpful insights. I don’t know how to put it in a much simpler way, but what I feel towards these online friends I have are truly, genuinely, pure happiness. They knock my head to know what I should do without having to really hit me physically. Probably because they are writers, the level of understanding might be the same. Or probably, I just look up at them differently.


How many of you have considered your online friends as real good friends? Being a member of several writing sites, it has helped us unload our thoughts and somehow feel recharged after reading positive feedbacks from fellow members. Somehow through our passion in writing, it has gained us friends, not just  wanting to have people to read your posts and to earn you a cent or two, but somehow creating a bond that goes beyond ordinary kind of friendship. The connection may not be just limited to exchanging comments, but creating a bond that can also last a lifetime.


I am sure you also have people in your life whom you value a lot even if you have just met them online. What are your thoughts on this? My virtual consolers are just a handful. And I am sure that as they read this, they know who I am talking about.

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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

13 thoughts on “Friendships of Today: The Virtual Consolers”

  1. I agree with you. We meet people of the same persuasions as we have, and we formed a sense of attachment or belonging,or friendship with people, mostly writers whom we like as they express thoughts through writing. Even though we do not know much about their identity, we feel relaxed exchanging thoughts with them. Some became closer as we exchange messages on FB, though the topics usually revolve around writing sites, online earnings.

  2. There are some of my online friends become my closed friend in person but only few. The reason why, they are far away from me. I am lucky because we become a virtual consolers to each other.

  3. I have only few close friends. Most of them are from my elementary-high school years. I may have gained “virtual friends” but I don’t get too personal with them.

  4. I maybe “talkative’ on line, but I always keep my secrets. I found a mother on line, so a friend? would not be impossible.

    It is always nice to have someone to share dreams with.

    • The social networks bring people with the same passion together. Then we discover a little more about them and we become closer.

      • I agree (I am very serious now). Actually, my social network is also so private (as if I am “somebody”. but true, as time goes by, discovering other people at the end of the line, it helps to open up unknowingly

  5. I remember when I was younger, My friends and I would talk about what’s on TV, the girls at school and what pranks we’d do. After several years we talked about our classes and lessons, our band, how to pay for the beer we just drank. And now we talk about our family, wife, kids and work. Some friends grow with us. Our online friends do the same. I’m just fortunate that I found a lot pf people with the same passion here.


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