Friends Forever

I have several friends to whom I have been connected until the present.  They have been my friends since we were children.  One of them has been my friend since we were not yet in school.  We started school together.  When we were yet in Grade I, because during our time we can directly enter Grade School without first going to Nursery and Kindergarten, we were both visitors as they termed it because we were underaged at that time and we are both of the same age.  We both passed Grade I.  I continued to Grade II while she went back to Grade I because her mother thought that she was too young to go to Grade II.  So I was ahead of her in school.  We seldom went together during school days but we sometimes played during weekends, holidays and vacations.  Then after high school, I went to college and I didn’t see her more often.  We had no contact since then until I graduated and got married.  Thanks God I was able to finish my studies.  I had two diplomas my college diploma and that of a wife.

Then we met again when she was about to get married.  We always saw each other during the early years of her marriage.  Then she ang her husband transferred somewhere in Luzon because her husband was assigned there.  We only saw each other whenever she visited our place.  Then came the time that my son is already working in Manila, I was able to go to her place which is very far from Manila.  Then her husband was sick and confined at the V. Luna Hospital because he was a soldier.  We again met but I was not able to visit her husband.  When I went home, she sent text messages to me informing me of her husband’s illness.  I was guilty when I knew that her husband was suffering from lung cancer.  If I had known, I should have gone to the hospital to visit him.  I just took it for granted as I thought that he was just suffering from a simple illness.  After the death of her husband, she was so lonely.  She used to send messages to me maybe because of her loneliness.  Now she has already moved on and she is happy with her life.  She already have a boyfriend.

I have another friend who is also a widow.   She is different from the friend that I mentioned earlier.  She has no boyfriend and I guess she does not like to have one.  She has been loveless since her husband’s death over five years ago.  We were friends since we entered high school.  When her husband was ill, I went to visit her during my free time.  She had taken care of her husband for over five years.  Her husband was imprisoned in his wheel chair for over five years.  There were a few times that I caught her crying silently but I guess that was only during the last days of her husband.  Just a few weeks ago we were at the beach together.  We are still friends and will always be friends forever.

There are still more friends but I could not describe each one of them, the reader might become bored with my story.  I just want to say that our friendship lasts because we understand each other.  We adjust to whatever misgivings, misunderstanding, and whatever.  These are the great secrets of a harmonious friendship, adjustment  and understanding or love.  One loves a friend that is why one adjusts and understands.  I have several friends whom I cherish and  i can’t call one of them as best friend forever.  As they are my friends, they are my friends forever.

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7 thoughts on “Friends Forever”

    • Yes that is true only a few are your real friends. I can only count my true friends. Those two that I mentioned have been my friends for a long time. They are among the few that I have right now.

  1. It’s nice to live in one place until you become old. The friendship you build while you are still kid will continue until you become over age. I have a lot of friends in different places but seeing them more often is our big problem.

    • You are right. You can observe that some of the people in your nreturn home after years of working and living in far away place. Maybe they have same opinion as you,

  2. I have all sorts of friends. Some are pretty normal others are just plain weird. I know i can depend on a few ones when I need their help. And of course I reciprocate the gesture when needed.

    • I also have friends whom I helped without expecting for any returns. However most of the time, I got help from my family specially my mom when she was still alive, my pop and my siblings. With due respect to my friends I don’t usually go to them whenever I needed help, my last resort are my friends.


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