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Do you take online courses?  How about online webinars and trainings?  Since I discovered the wonderful world of the internet, I came to love free online courses.  For one, they are free.  Also they are updated with the most recent researches or information.  Lastly, it provides me instant information without leaving my desk.  Without a doubt, free online courses and webinars are valuable tools to keep abreast with what is going on in your chosen field.

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There are numerous places where you can get additional learning minus the cost.  Furthermore, many of these sites provide certificates that are recognized internationally.  With a little bit of patience you can update what you know.


Coursera offers online courses on a myriad of topics.  The courses last from several days to weeks.  Don’t worry, you are not expected to log in daily.  Rather, there is a reading list; a video or other media files you will study.  Afterwards, there will be an exam that you will take.  In some courses, you are asked to write a paper on the topics covered.  Part of your grade will come from peer evaluation.  Apart from the lectures, some courses may ask you to participate in group discussion that will make the topic more interesting.

These courses are from notable individuals from top universities all over the world.


Like the previous one, Alison provides free online courses on different topics.  The modules they have for you vary in length depending on the topic.  Likewise, they have tests to ascertain your mastery of the course.  What’s nice about Alison is that you can pause whenever you want and get back to it when you are ready.  This makes it convenient for anyone who can only squeeze in so much time to learn something new.

Although the courses here are free, they charge for the certificate.

Free online courses have made it possible for people to learn new information or deepen their expertise.  In a world where information is a powerful tool, it pays to arm yourself with knowledge.  Since there are courses for free on the internet, you don’t have to worry about dishing out the cash.



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  1. I used to participate on webinars when I was still active with my online jobs. And I do think that they are a huge help.

    • I get to discuss theories, applications and all sorts of stuff with other people in these online courses. it helps to expand my views.


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