Forgive yourself

On a previous tip I have talked about a topic that might be difficult to work for many people including me.  But now I would like to mention about the other side of forgiveness:  do you forgive yourself for the mistakes you make.

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These are some tips I have in my mind that I hope they will make you think about it:

  1. If you always come back to a point in your life where you regret about a mistake you make and this feeling comes over and over again you probably have not forgiven yourself because of that
    1. Try to be realistic: sometimes people need to deal with their pride first.  Remember you cannot control all the circumstances so try to be objective.  Don’t put all the blame on you.  Many times we make mistakes even when we want to do good because we don’t know the consequences of our actions.
    2. What about if I am the only one to blame: Even if it is about something that is entirely your fault, the best thing we can do is to learn from our mistakes.  You cannot change your past but you can work on your future.  Learn, learn from your past mistakes and do not suffer!
    3. If you a perfectionist person: perfectionism is not completely wrong but people who are perfectionist usually are very harsh judges with themselves.  Always remember that you are a human and try to judge your actions in an objective way
    4. Reviewing your mistakes in a realistic way can be a practical tool to improve.  People can always be better but at the same time think about your past in a practical way: what can I do to make this situation do not happen?  What things can you do to work on your personal / professional skills?
    5. Do not forget the things that are positive about you.  When people concentrate on their mistakes they literary tend to forget about the things they are doing right so everything looks dark because of that.


I hope you like this advice



2 thoughts on “Forgive yourself”

  1. I think that is the ultimate solution to gain back one’s sanity–to be able to forgive himself about the pains form the past.

    • Yes exactly. I notice some people are very harsh with themselves, always thinking about the past


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