For Writers: How To Get Traffic To Your Articles And Sites ( Simple and easy to follow tips)

We all know how much important it is to be getting the online traffic that you dream of, not only to make good money out of it but to also have this beautiful spirit of helping and guiding other people, that’s why I’ve decided to talk and write some of the good ideas and tips that will help you get traffic to your posts! So let’s start.

1- Join popular Social media Sites:

I’ve personally had massive traffic coming from this site alone into my articles because you can add as much friends as you like over there and I’ve managed to get about 3000 friends within just 2-5 days! Try it, communicate and share your interesting articles there!

Oh yeah, we all know what Facebook  is, the only problem there is that you cannot send many friend requests within a short period of time so you’ll have to wait and collect friends with time and if you don’t like to add random people to your personal profiles then just make a new account especially for those random people and simply don’t add personal info about yourself!


This site could really expand pretty fast and I think you can really get some good traffic out of it * haven’t personally used it but I know it’s popular*

Twitter: this one has some rules which are similar to facebook policies, especially when it comes to following many people within a short period of time but again, you don’t have to spend too much time on it, just create a new account especially for this purpose and follow about 10 to 15 people each day and I’m sure you’ll get follow backs but I personally prefer these sites which give you the option to add friends because by adding you’d be all open to each other’s newsfeed!


You can visit the most popular and most related videos to your niche and just post a link with or without description but a good interesting description is totally recommended!


Used to be a site where users were compensated for their time there, the admin used to pay its users for whatever activity they would do but unfortunately it stopped doing this and instead it has turned into a normal social media site where people can chat, communicate and have fun. You can use this to publish your articles, it has many users!

2- Use Good SEO And Keywords

The longer your articles are the more Google would find them rich and place them on top pages and results! Always try to search google for what people are usually searching for on it and take notes!

3- Write About What People Need To Know

Yes that’s true, if you’re planning to get good traffic then it’s a must for you to be writing about what people need to know and are curious about knowing!

4- Back-link Your Articles Within Each Other

Don’t forget to always back-link your older -most related to the main topic- articles with the newer ones so people can have options of viewing more of what you write about.

5- Communicate 

Communicate, know how people think, take notes, read people’s opinions on facebook, check out those successful magazines and know what topics they’re using. Communicate with the community and the visitors of your articles, build trust and love and see how they’re going to be always coming back to read and check out more!

6- Be Sincere And Straight While Writing

Don’t write unnecessary details, be straight and forward with your readers because imagine how you’d be feeling when you’re a reader, you would want to know the facts straight away without having to read long and boring introductions and useless details.

And of course, most importantly use honesty in your articles and I’m sure that the right visitors will be always choosing to come back to your site and or your profile.

I hope you find this beneficial and interesting!

If you have any useful additional tips, don’t hesitate to share them and help others!

Meanwhile, you can check out this article – talks about earning money by chatting- Use the link mentioned below.


Good luck!


Author: Rana Km.

6 thoughts on “For Writers: How To Get Traffic To Your Articles And Sites ( Simple and easy to follow tips)”

  1. These are sensible and practical tips. It is important to remember that we need to constantly “market” our tips and articles. Many writers simple publish,share then forget about them. Older posts should still be shared in many social media to get constant traffic.

    • Yes! Totally and that’s what I meant by joining most popular social media sites, so we can get more friends and more possibilities to get people click on the posts that we would put our articles links into! 😀

  2. More than anything else, writing on what one have knowledge and passion plus communicating with others on your articles matters a lot.

  3. Your feeling do come out in the articles you write. I have tried to stay away from social media sites. I had a huge problem with facebook. I do have a twitter account. I just I should try some different ones. This is the first I have heard of some of them.


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