Five Cheats To Making Those Healthy New Years Resolutions

It’s been three whole months since New Years’ now. A lot of resolutions have already abandoned. A lot of resolutions were abandoned on the 1st January, but that’s beside the point. Some resolutions are still going strong. Most resolutions have to do with our health. They’re genuine attempts to improve our lives. Yet often we demand so much ourselves that we’re really setting ourselves up to fail. So, why not look outside the box? We may have tried going cold turkey or jumping right into a hard-core fitness regime but that doesn’t mean we have to. Here are some of the cheat that can help you get back to that resolution.

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How to quit smoking
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I’m not smoking

Perhaps the most common and obvious one. Smoking’s an addiction that’s as pleasurable as It is harmful, so there’s no wonder so many of us find it hard to let go. However, with the rise of patches, gum and (most recently) e-cigarettes, it’s becoming easier. E-cigarettes keep the sensation of smoking, but without all the harmful side-effects. They also come in all kinds of crazy flavours. From blueberry to Space Jam liquid.

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Closed up kitchen cooking
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I’m cooking more food

Cooking more is a great way to make sure you get everything you need out of your diet. It means you’re eating a lot less simple carbohydrates and getting more veg. But let’s be honest, it is work. Especially if you have an already busy life. You need to get the recipes and source all your ingredients before you start to cook. Services like Blue Apron can help by delivering the recipes and ingredients straight to your door. How’s that for taking out the effort?

on diet
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I’m going to exercise more

For a lot of us, this is less a New Year’s resolution and more a ‘every month’ resolution. We’re constantly throwing ourselves headlong into extreme fitness regimes. Then we flag fabulously and do absolutely nothing for another three weeks. The key is to work yourself up to it slowly. Before you start the masochistic gym visits, find ways to squeeze more exercise into the gaps of your daily life. Baby steps toward fitness are still steps.

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Drinking less alcohol
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I’m going to drink less

If you’re tired of hangovers or embarrassing yourself, this might be one of yours. You don’t have to be an alcoholic to drink too much. You can admit that you need to drink less at any time. However, going cold turkey isn’t always the answer. It’s been found that simply taking care to observe your limits and stay within them is more effective in the long run.

Smiley Face Stress Ball
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I’m not stressing any more

Stress, whether chronic or not, is a major pain. It can ruin days and get in the way of happiness. We like to proclaim that we’re not sweating the small stuff anymore, but it’s not that easy. Sometimes stress hormones don’t listen to us and appear anyway. We need to find the ways to cut stress out of our lives individually. It can be our choices of company or environment. It can mean simply taking some time to ourselves. The point is we need to do something about it, not wait for it to happen.

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