First Time Parents: Detecting Developmental Problems of Your Child

Being a first time parent is exciting. When our firstborn came to our sight, we cannot express our happiness. Children are the life of the family. But there are times that the child given to you might have some developmental concerns. How are you going to detect this? First, we should always observe our children. Most of the time, we see our nieces and nephews grows up so we have some if not little experience or knowledge children’s development. But we can always check on the net for our children’s developmental milestone. Sometimes, we get to compare them to other kids but we should always be aware that every individual is unique. Always observe their eye contact, hearing mechanism. To check this, you can call them by their names, at 7 months they can sometimes start recognizing their name. They are supposed to look at you in the eye. In cases that at a later age, they still have no eye contact, you try to look at them in the eye when you are talking to them. So they will be aware. If age 2 and there is still no eye contact, then you can have a check with your pediatrician.

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