Finding Your Way Out From The Usual


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We were all brought up by our parents differently. Some parents can be a bit lax with the kind of discipline that they instill with their children, and some parents could be very strict to the point of making their children turn out either rebellious or introverts. Which kind of parenting did you have?


I wouldn’t want to say that parents should be put to blame when kids become violent although it does have some effect sometimes. But there are kids who try to find ways on how to make better persons out of themselves despite having a “not so conducive” to living kind of environment. Everything that happens to us depends on how we handle different kinds of situations and how determined we are in making a difference when we are able to see the right from wrong.


As a child, both of my parents were working.  We had 2 helpers and a nanny that takes care of the household when mom and dad are in the office. My dad is mostly either out of town or out of the country. So mom became our dad on certain times, too. She was strict in a way because she never let us buy things we thought we need. The WANTS were simply set aside for Christmas. The NEEDS were always of importance. In the eyes of a child, it is like preventing the small happiness that I want. Comparing myself with my classmates who were able to get the latest craze in toys and the most fashionable clothes, I have become shy being around people. My parents, most especially my dad, pushed me to become a leader but I never felt that courageous enough to stand in front of a large number of people all alone. He likes me to meet people mostly from his circle, which I was a bit uncomfortable.  I just wanted to be around my friends which I was not allowed to be with during parties. Well, I could join them, only with a chaperone, my younger brother. It made me curl like a shy kitten to go out with a chaperon so I opted to just stay at home every time.


Years passed, I have seen how important it was to be around people, to meet different kinds of people because through them I am able to learn new things. It was only until I got married when I have pushed myself out of my shell to become different. I wanted to be a better person not only for my parents or for other people, but most especially for myself.

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Looking back, I have changed a lot. But the changes in me where something that I needed to be in order to become a good wife for my husband and a god mother for my kids. My friends would tell me how much I have changed with the kind of attitude that I have now, but nothing negative. But deep inside, I am still the same little girl—still shy, still a bit old-fashioned, still the same old Jenny.

Life experiences are the greatest teachers that anyone can have. We may have been brought up in a way that we realized, as we grow older, that there is a need to CHANGE. The changes don’t have to be grand-just a little tweaking here and there and wanting to learn continuously all through our lifetime.


What changes have you noticed in yourself? How have the people around you see you then and now? Are you satisfied of what you have become?




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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Way Out From The Usual”

  1. you made me reflect at the middle of the day usually I have my reflections when I am about to sleep. or when I wake up in the morning…

    Now, that I am about to finish my journey in life i really have changed somehow. My age and the level of maturity could have probably liberated my thoughts from what is life all about.

    on the note: good to know that the changes you have now are all positive. It is good to progress and not to regress.

    Again.. Chai yo! which means Cheers in Thai

  2. I think we all try to be better than our parents were. We all make mistakes but try to do our best. I look at my son a see a kind caring person. I think, I must have done something right.


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