Finding Topics for Blog Posts

I’ve written over two thousand articles and blog posts in the last ten years, since I started writing online. This is over many article sites and blogs. It can be daunting to have to continuously think of things to write about. All of my articles have been original writing, although I often write on the same subjects and topics.

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The idea is to write what you know about. I write about mental health, frugality, and topics on daily living for the most part. I never run out of ideas, because I always have something to say about the things that happen in my life.

Write from your experiences. It is more natural and believable. Unless you are really good at research, and have a lot of free time. Still, it seems more natural to write about what you know. I used to research topics for articles, but I’ve found it takes tons more effort, without tons more gain or profit. So I stick with what I already know. If I am doing some research already for personal curiosity, then I tend to write about those topics as well, but only if it accomplishes two tasks at one time.

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3 thoughts on “Finding Topics for Blog Posts”

  1. Our own experiences and views about topics make it unique. We can always put a fresh touch to topics if include our insights.

  2. Most of my posts are about personal experiences. It makes me feel freer to write and at the same time, I want to impart something that people would somehow find helpful in their everyday lives.


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