Finding Legitimate Paid Surveys and Tips On How to Make More Money

With the way many businesses are these days, it is not surprising that many people have started to search online for new opportunities to make extra money. Before Google, it was much harder to find great opportunities. Fortunately it is much easier now. Though using the Internet has its disadvantages; a big issue is that there is too much information. For instance if you search for ways to make money online, you will find thousands of sites describing countless ways to make money. Another huge problem is that many people use the Internet to cheat or scam others. That’s why I created this article. To help you avoid scammers and show you a great, legitimate way to start making extra cash today! I will be discussing one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money online – paid surveys.

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When you hear that companies will pay you to merely fill out surveys, you might immediately think it’s a scam. This is understandable and a smart assumption, though not necessarily true. A good first step to determining if an opportunity is legit is to learn why the company needs you. With online surveys, companies seek help from everyday consumers by using surveys to conduct research. Believe it or not these companies spend more than a billion dollars annually! Through the use of surveys they can get a better sense of what consumers think about certain products. They will then use this information to develop better products to try to attract more customers. That’s why companies will pay you to do online surveys. Doing these surveys is not only a great way to make money but it also gives you a chance to give your opinion and influence product development! Now, here is some important information about online surveys.

Joining Survey Panels and Expectations

It’s easy to join survey panels. It’s free and you don’t have to have any skills. As you search for survey companies you may find that some companies advertise pay rates as high as $100/hour. Most of them are scams and should be avoided as companies will lose money with these kinds of rates. With legit surveys you won’t become rich, but you can make a decent amount. Different survey companies have their own rates, which are based mainly on the average time people spend answering their questions. So what should be your expectation? Doing surveys part-time can make about $100 to $300 every month and some people can make even more. Full-time surveyors should not expect to make more than $1000/month. Therefore doing surveys on your spare time is an easy way to start making extra cash. Also, a great advantage about joining paid survey panels is that there are no obligations, which means you fill surveys whenever you would like to!

Finding Legitimate Paid Survey Companies

Unfortunately there are many online scams. So finding legit survey companies can be frustrating, especially for newcomers, but is vital to your success online. Here are some important things to keep in mind when searching for good survey companies that will actually pay.

  • Scammers typically advertise high rates, as high as $100/hour. If you see such a rate, I’d suggest you ignore them. They will usually describe themselves as being well established and offer high paying surveys. Looks great, but after you scroll down you will probably see something like “join today for only $37”. I would avoid that company. My first piece of advice to you – never pay to join online survey panels. Most of these sites will just redirect you to other survey companies, which you can find online for free and most legit surveys are free to join.
  • Do not share your credit card information or your SSN number. When you join a survey company, they will ask for some of your personal information to know who you are and where to send you money. Also, be sure to read their privacy policy before you join them. Make sure your private information is safe with them and that they won’t provide it to any third party.
  • Do not purchase products from them in order to complete offers. Legitimate surveys won’t ask you to do this. Completing offers is totally different from completing surveys. Sites that want you to complete offers to get points are usually freebie sites, which are different from surveys. Most of the time, before you can complete offers you have to register on their site. Once you register you will be charged a monthly membership fee. Most of these freebie sites scam people by forcing them to buy things.

Check this article to find a list of legitimate surveys for money and more advanced tips on how to find them.. This is a useful blog that includes advanced tips about making money with online paid surveys.

Overview of Starting Out with Paid Surveys

Let’s say you have chosen your favorite survey company and you register with them. After registration, they will send you a user survey. Some companies will reward you with points for completing it. There you enter more specific information about yourself, like the car you drive, your education level, your favorite places to visit and so on. Why do they ask for this? Companies need more information about surveyors to increase likelihood for participation approval. And based on the information they find in your user survey, you’re either qualified or not for new surveys. That’s why it’s important to answer every question honestly. Once you do that, you can start making money. Logging into your profile will show you what offers are available, as well as the payout and the approximate time for completing the surveys. Once you generate enough cash, you can request a payment.

Being Disqualified from Completing Surveys

Disqualification is a common problem people will encounter. That’s part of the reason why many think surveys for money are scams. Here is what you have to know if you do not qualify to complete a survey. The information in your user survey doesn’t meet their criteria. For example, a survey may only be interested in surveying 20 to 30 year old men from New York. Obviously if you don’t qualify then you won’t be able to complete the offer. If they think you’re trying to cheat them, they will disqualify you. Here are some ways they will detect cheaters. Let’s say a survey requires approximately 1 hour to be completed and someone completes it in one minute. It is obvious that they trying to cheat the system. Now let’s say that a surveyor provides information that is different from previous surveys. Survey companies will see that as being dishonest and will disqualify them. Keep in mind that if you try to cheat them, they may close your account.

Final Tips as You Begin

  • Most surveys have quotas, or allowed number of participants, and once they reach it the survey will be closed. The highest paying surveys will usually be the first ones completed. That’s why it’s important to check for new offers often to make sure you get a shot at the best offers. Once you find a great survey, start it immediately.
  • Join several survey panels. As I’ve mentioned legit surveys are free to join, so you can easily join several companies. The more companies you join the more surveys you will receive. This is a great tip to making the most money you can with paid surveys.
  • Don’t expect to make a lot right away. Some people think that they will become rich by doing surveys for money. Understand that you won’t become rich. Instead expect to make a decent side income.
  • Download and install software for auto form submitting forms. This will save you time when completing surveys. You can find such software by searching for them on Google. You will find options that will either be free or will cost you some money. The ones that charge will typically be more useful and have more options to choose from.

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  1. The best survey site is Pinecone research.They pay money.And they are free.

    Great article, thanks for this one.I learned many new things.

  2. The most common problem with these surveys is that they often disqualify you for any reason, and you lose money and time.I’ve been making money with surveys, but not so much.I think that people shouldn’t expect more than $300/month.Just my though.


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