Finding Your Even Keel When The World Is Spinning

We are all animals in a world that is not built for animals. Cities, cars, education, boutique coffee shops. They all make it a bit easier to live a modern life but they take us away from the truth of ourselves. To find that, you need to look inwards. When the responsibilities, demands, and twists of life make it feel like you have no control, finding your own center is the key to getting an even keel.


Gain perspective

Gain perspective

When you’re in the thick of it, it’s all too easy to feel your attention and your efforts dragged in half-a-hundred directions. You are so busy worrying about a certain risk or regretting a certain decision you freeze yourself to the spot. Finding order in your thoughts is important. Meditating or even keeping a journal give you some distance on your problems. That distance can not only help you see potential solutions. It’s an important part of recognizing the reality of a situation that can’t be changed and learning to accept and live with it.

Discover your spirituality

Not everything is bound by logic. Humankind has had its path infringed upon by the spiritual since civilization was first a thing. We have a connection, real, mental, and emotional, to the forces that we don’t thoroughly understand. If you have a belief, entrust yourself to them. Whether that means keeping an eye on your AstroStyle love horoscope or turning your faith, seeking counsel from the powers you believe in can be a powerful anchor. Without some sort of anchor, it can be easy to let your thoughts be dragged off in trivial direction.



Do, don’t be

Sometimes, when you’re feeling unable to connect with yourself mentally, you need to get out of your head entirely. But getting more active is more than just a distraction. Your body is connected to the rest of you inextricably. Getting more active changes the very chemistry of your brain, alleviating tension, stress, and anxiety. Being physically stressed and mentally stressed are also linked. As important as moving around is, if you’re feeling coiled up like a spring, then techniques like aromatherapy and a bath full of muscle relaxing salts can help you can a moment of peace.

Pick a direction, any direction

When it feels like you’re losing control of certain aspects of life, you need to know when to get go of the wheel. Or rather, to turn the whole car in another direction. This doesn’t mean giving up when the going gets rough. Rather, you should take a proper look at what you want and start setting achievable goals in different fields of your life. Fitness and exercise aren’t the only goals. Your career, your creative desires, your money situation, your love-life, your mental sophistication. As, hopefully, this article has made clear, we can’t control the circumstances around us all the time. We can, however, control the kind of person we are when it comes time to face them.

Understanding yourself, understanding your wants, the link between body, mind, and soul, and setting a course is essential. Without a thorough understanding of your wants and a direction to go in, we get too caught up in the things that we cannot change.

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