Fighting Depression Tips

If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, making decisions, aren’t functioning well, feel worthless and you are always tired you may be depressed. If you are sad for several days at a time you could be depressed also.

Depression is much more prevalent than many of us think. About 121 million people worldwide suffer from depression. There are several types of depression. It can come on quickly, stay for long periods and is all consuming. People without the mood disability can’t begin to understand how debilitating it can be and this can cause friction in relationships. But, in many cases if you can catch the onslaught of the decline in mood you can help yourself. This means being aware of how you feel from day-to-day and doing things to help keep a good mood constant. Here are some tips:

  • Difficulty in thinking, concentrating and making decisions is one of the common symptoms of depression. To help make it a little easier for you make sure you are working in a quiet room and you have no distractions. It is a good idea to take an occasional break and get up and move around.
  • Eating good foods such as protein and grains will help give you energy that will help you to feel more like getting out and getting exercise which will also help your mood. (Proteins includes meat, dairy products and whole grain bread.) The body makes a natural anti-depressant that is released when you exercise so it is a good idea to try to get some kind of exercise every day.
  • Getting a good nights sleep is very important. Sleep disorders are common with those who suffer from depression. Some choose to take a medication called melatonin which is naturally made in the body. It also helps to turn all distractions such as radio or television off and turn the lights down low or off.
  • Be your own best friend. Don’t over do it or be responsible for too many things. Learn to say ‘no’ and be aware of your own limitations.
  • Remember that even positive events can lead to depression. Not just those who have experienced abuse, have family conflict or family history of depression can be a sufferer of this disorder.
  • Men and women react differently when depressed. Women may feel hopeless and men will feel irritable. Men become withdrawn even violent while women want a listening ear. This is something to remember if a male family member begins to act differently.
  • Statics say that about 15% of American who suffer from depression take their lives each year. So it is very important that if you feel a friend or family member is acting extreme or if their mood seems very low that you help them to seek help.
  • Don’t think you are excluded from possibly becoming depressed. Even such people as Abraham Lincoln dealt with chronic depression all of his life.

If you feel you are depressed here is a test that can tell you if you are and how depressed you may be:

I have had depression for as long as I can remember. It has caused trouble with my relationships, work and my physical health. It wasn’t until 1996 when I was trying to find the strength to leave my abusive husband that I came into contact with a psychiatrist who said he would help me and he certainly did. For the next five years he counseled me. He was the first doctor who actually told me what caused depression. I have been diagnosed with chronic depression for most of my life and most recently in 2007, just before taking a early retirement from my job, was diagnosed with severe depression with panic attacks. I have had a horrible time trying to find the right anti-depressant for my needs. I have tried nine or ten and none help me. It is so frustrating and I have had to find some ways to help myself feel as well as I can. I have also tracked down a new type of DNA testing called genomic testing that can tell the doctor what type of medication best suits an individual and what kind to prescribe. I am in search of someone who will do that test for me now. I feel I am a prime candidate for it and I think it is my only hope to find a medication that will help me feel like a normal human being.

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