Feel Good About Yourself Even if you are a Plus Sized

There are times when we feel down. Times when we don’t feel deserving. Most especially time when we feel ugly. We feel we are no good. And we feel depressed and self pity

I was not bad looking when I was younger and healthier. I’ve had my share of suitors too. But I guess when we get older our life changes and we change. Especially when we don’t get what we have been expecting. Then we start to wallow in self pity and despair. But then we have to pull ourselves out of the quicksand of  despair and destruction. I realized we can’t change what life has given us but we can make the most of it or improve what we can. We can do somethings to help ourselves. Here are some pointers, tips and suggestions that may also help you.

  • Find something that you are good at and improve on it. Like I love to cook and I know I can cook good so when there are parties and fiestas I cook my best, it makes you feel good when someone compliments your food/cooking.
  • Know how to make fun of yourself. What I mean if someone tells you that you are fat ( and some people will tell you in the face) I reply ” it’s because I can eat good food and know how to cook”.
  • Choose clothes that fit well and you are comfortable in. There are so many plus sized clothing that are fashionable and not so expensive. Find ones that will compliment you in style and coloring.
  • Learn to accept constructive criticism and advise from people.
  • Be friendly, helpful and happy. Smile often because people will notice the smile and the friendly disposition rather than your size.
  • Look clean and smell clean. Even if we are big but you are clean, your clothes are clean and well fitting and most especially smell clean or good, you will feel good and people will notice your aura of self confidence.
  • Take care of your health, skin and hair. These are important because if you know you are healthy and have great skin and hair, that too give you confidence.
  • Be a good friend to others. True friends will not judge you by your size.
  • Excel in your chosen field and your talents. There are a lot of plus sized singers and actresses.
  • Always try to think positive and feel confident.

We can’t always have what we want. We need to make the most of what we got. There are days when I feel down. I would do something about it if I can. I would take a shower, use the body wash that smells good. Then I would put moisturizer, use my favorite lotion and the matching body spray. Once I feel clean, smell clean and look clean, I feel better, even if I am just staying at home. Sometimes it is the little things that helps us. They say eating chocolates will increase the feel good libido so I would eat a piece or two (not much coz I am diabetic). Just savoring the sweet creamy chocolate in your mouth already lifts your spirits. It makes you smile when it goes down your throat.

So remember “Beauty is only Skin deep” So if you can not be beautiful on the outside, be beautiful on the inside and feel beautiful, it last longer than the outside appearance.


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single mom. I love to cook, read books and most esp., I love dogs. I also love to blog, been blogging since 2012 but still learning. I write blogs for 5 different sites so I am getting more experienced.

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  1. Right, what is important is what you look inside, what your disposition in life is, no matter what shape one has.


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