Facebook was Down — Lesson Learned and Back-up!

Facebook down or outage on March 14, 2019 - Philippines

March 14, 2019, is an important date for social media marketers, online sellers, Facebook users, and to all people who rely on Facebook, the Facebook family of apps and services like Workplace.

Why? Facebook was down. It was down here, and as of the time of writing, I still cannot access my Facebook page where an important promotion is currently running.

I cannot access Facebook ad manager, as well.

I also used to sign-up for other online services using Facebook — and so I couldn’t get in, as well… For example, I have an account with www.dot.ph — and the only entry is via Facebook login… now what??!

I have serious security maintenance on all my WordPress sites and I could not finish it on the domains I have registered on www.dot.ph because I couldn’t get in.

I was a bit panicked, to be honest, before I knew that Facebook is down.

According to Facebook, they are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible… and they assured users that the outage is not related to DDoS attack.

Lesson learned from Facebook outage

  • never put all your eggs in one basket
  • create an alternative way for communication
  • do not rely on Facebook login on other websites
  • do not panic, look at Google first for what is happening
  • always create a back-up, if this happened to Facebook, this could happen to any online service, as well

Never put all your eggs in one basket

Yeah, I know. I have read this line several times already. And today, I am reminded that this is really an important thing to consider, especially if money or my online business is involved.

I am new to Facebook advertising and I have realized that I should expand my horizon… I should not depend on it my whole life… because anything could happen…

There should be some back-up plan… right now, I look at Facebook as my one and only way to stardom. LOL.

A situation like this is stressful — honestly, I was stressed… I could not afford to lose a business that gives me more time for my family — soon!

With 2 or 3 or more baskets to lay my eggs on — it is a peace of mind — less worries…

Create an alternative way for communication

Let’s face it, we are only hooked with Messenger…

I am even using it to talk to clients… so I think it’s not the best practice.

It’s kinda like my life revolves on Facebook services already… So right now, around 3:45 PM PHT — I can open the web version of messenger, however I could not able to send a message. I am not so sure if this is a problem with my connection, but loading other websites is fine… so it must be related to the outage.

When it is work related, I think the best communication tool for teammates is Slack… So, if you have a remote team — you can try Slack for free. Yeah, I have a Slack installed on my PC, it has a mobile app, as well… it is also good for organizing things and tasks…

Do not rely on the Facebook login option for other websites

It’s tempting to sign up for other websites using Facebook… I have done that so many times, already…

So, every time I log in, I also use the Facebook login option… that is the thing that stopped me from finishing an important task last night… so, the outage did not start in the morning of March 14… the trouble was already happening on the evening of March 13…

So right now, I have realized that signing up for a website using Facebook is not always good. Tempting since I can sign up in no time… however, if similar situation happens — I would surely run into trouble again…

Do not panic… remember, there is Google…

When it comes to my online property — I would easily worry if something not normal will happen…

But getting panic cannot do good… and it might worsen the situation… weird I haven’t rely on the giant Google for news last night… I completely forget the idea of Googling…

So, when I search Google last morning, I have realized that it is not only me who were in trouble because of the Facebook outage…

Businesses and individuals alike are in trouble… because of a social media outage — our beloved Facebook…

Back-up is a must — if something like this happened on Facebook — how about the other cloud properties?

Are you thinking of backing up your important resources, as well? As I said, my first realization is never put all eggs in one basket… Well, that statement is true for storing our precious data too.

When we do a back-up, it is good to store it in different secure places — not just in one place…

For example, I see to it that I have a regular back-up with my websites stored on some cloud storage like Google Drive and Yandex Disc. While most of the web hosting services do keep or automate back-ups — I did not rely on that.

What will happen if the very web hosting company is hacked? The stored back-up is comprised, as well…

I have found that Google Drive and Yandex Disc have solid security and both pricing is very reasonable.

The ultimate realization

The web is fragile… anything could happen… even with giant networks like Facebook.

So, a back-up plan is ALWAYS necessary.

Importantly, as a website owner, I am always learning and implementing ways to secure my own sites. As a blogger, I am not just writing content for my readers — I also see to it that my website is safe for my readers — and my web property in general is safe from the bad hands…

Image source: Pexels.com

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