Exude Positivity….Celebrate Your Life

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You woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You then start thinking of the failures and disappointments that you have had for the past years. You feel helpless. You see yourself as one unlucky person and that you feel like crawling under your bed forever. But where does that leave you? Every one of us goes through some phase wherein we stop and think of all the things that we have done and still want to achieve. We can never be perfect no matter how much we strive to make things as perfect as possible. Instead of seeing the failures as hindrance to your happiness, take it as you guide to make things better.


You may have spent months thinking of a great design for your client who happens to be the daughter of your mom’s best friend, only to find out that she does not want what you have shown her. It may hurt being rejected, who wouldn’t? But the client has the right to reject what does not conforms to her taste.  Take it as a challenge to make something more extravagant looking or much better if you can make some sketches with her on your side so she could somehow guide you on exactly what she wants. With that, wouldn’t it be possible to finally close a deal?


The most ideal approach to get up and go is to be available and put our full concentration on the “now” in a positive way. When we like the things that are going great and we focus on appreciation for what we have, we attract greater things to come to us.


When you feel the need of things to turn around for the best for you, you must keep your confidence, discharge fear, and keep your concentration on results. Keep positivity at hand. It can just enhance any circumstance, regardless of how critical it may show up.


When we switch our center to what is right about ourselves, we could most likely record a long rundown. Concentrate on your qualities and what you do well. In the ranges that you could enhance, be sensible with yourself and in the event that it’s a territory you positively accept you have to improve. Realize that you have done more right things than the wrong ones. Help uplift your spirit by focusing on the good things that you have done to help you get inspired instead of the mistakes that have made you live in a topsy-turvy world.


Do you know of any perfect person? Just as how imperfect our world is, there is no person that could be as perfect as what you have imagined. Other people may have a better life than yours, but that does not mean that they are perfect. They, too have their own issues in life which might be even heavier than you think. Think of this one situation where in this woman thought she could get away with all the money she illegally took from other people. She lived a life splurging on the most expensive things that the stolen money she has could afford. But where is she now? She is under the custody of the government where she can be put behind bars for life. We may get envious of what other people have which you might think is the only way that could make you happy. But not everything that we see means positively good.


It may not appear as though fate has coordinated itself to make your life where it is at this moment. It may not be the place you need to be now, however every now and then you need to experience a little sacrifice for you to be able to achieve your goal. Never be in a hurry to reach the goal you want coz the more you insist on doing things right away, the more chance it would be for you to make more mistakes. You want to achieve happiness? Then don’t go out exploring the world blindly. Know which way to go and be armed with the right knowledge to go through what you want.


Relinquish the disappointment and hatred towards yourself or your situation. Put a end to all the negative sentiments and dismiss the thought of seeing the undesirable. Stop feeling resentful towards yourself for committing an error and permitting yourself to see differently and to embrace your whole self as being the best person that you can be. It will lead you to significantly more positive attitude of compassion, empathy and sympathy, giving you the opportunity to develop and be able to build your confidence in facing different situations.


If you think about all what i have said, what really makes a person loss his self-confidence or self-esteem is when he keeps on trying to compete with other people. Not everyone has exactly the same life as the other. And if you see yourself to be living differently and not having the same things as the others, it is okay.  You may have worked your butt off in making things possible for your family but still you feel you did not give much effort in making yourself earn millions in a year, it is okay. Don’t kill yourself thinking that you are ready to drown yourself in shame and disappointment. There is more to life than you think there is. Avoid being surrounded with people that does not help you build your confidence. Chant a prayer of positivity. Pray for strength and courage. Sometimes, that is all it takes.


 “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

16 thoughts on “Exude Positivity….Celebrate Your Life”

  1. ! Aja! Aja! I am not a Korean soap opera fanatic, but this is what sister tells me when I think I failed in a task.

  2. We all have a choice to become positive. it can be hard at times. But the challenge is to overcome the negative feeling. Once we’ve cleared the obstacle, it becomes easier.

      • I know it sounds easy. But it takes a lot of will and strength. but once you get over that hurdle, the load will be lighter.

          • So true. It also helps when they actually tell you that what you are doping is wrong. Some friends can be blunt about it. but I appreciate their views. It helps in bringing in a new perspective to things.

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