Everyone has the Talent

People Tend to underestimate other individual’s capacities, you may agree or not but in a simple ways We did it. Bullies and teases are escalating now a days, and guess what? due to this scenarios, even as simple negative bluff to anyone it may affects their self-esteem, it downgrade their  being “who they are”, and later you will find them being set aside, or become a center of attraction, but the problem is it’s a “Negative Attraction”, thus this leads to deprive to their capacities, talents, and what they really can do, it’s hard for them to show who really they are. The mindset of most of us will be “Who really think He or She is?”, “they can’t do that”, so if you are on that situation, what would you feel? YES! everyone could adapt or counteract naturally, but there will always be those percentage of negative adaption to it, that makes them less productive in their LIFE.

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2 thoughts on “Everyone has the Talent”

  1. guilty here, as a teacher I know that everyone has a talent… but as teacher’s perspective, see if the kid can really do the skill one is teaching. because forcing the kid to do something he/she can’t do just frustrate them. best is to really assess the talent of the individual.


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