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Last night, my friends and I watched the last movie of Ben Affleck titled “Gone Girl.”  I heard so many great reviews about this film based on a novel with the same title.  My friends and I got curious so we decided to watch it.

I love watching movies in the cinema even if they say that you can just watch them at home for free by just downloading everything in the internet.  You can also buy DVD so it won’t cost that much.  I still want to watch in movie houses because I don’t have that cinematic speakers and my television is not that big so I still go to cinemas only if I really, really want the movie and can’t wait it to be released in DVDs.

The problem in going to cinema places (aside from its cost) are the people you watch it with.  People watching movies have different personalities, backgrounds, and culture so you can’t expect them to behave properly even if they should be.  I don’t want to say that a lot of them are uneducated or unmannered human beings but sometimes they act that way.  I just hope that there are strict policies in watching movies that if they violate them, the ushers can escort them outside.  Unfortunately, there aren’t.

Anyway, if you were raised properly by your parents regardless if you are rich or not, you know how to behave appropriately right? Anyway, here are some etiquettes that we should follow inside the movie house:

1. Using of Cellphone – I know that before the movie starts, there are so many kinds of ads where they tell people to turn off their phone or put it on silent mode.  They even say not to take or make calls inside the cinema.  But for some reasons, people still do it and it’s annoying.  I hope they would include also from not using the cellphone at all even for texting because the light of the phone is glaring and it’s annoying as well.

2. Kicking of seat – I know some may have long legs and the legroom allotted is not enough, but still, just sit properly so you won’t hit the back of the seat of the person in front of you because it is just rude.  I mean I don’t think you have to remind them because if you have manners, you know kicking a person’s seat is just disrespectful.

3. Talking Loudly – I don’t mind if people laugh loud or shout loud because the movie is funny or scary but to talk to your seatmate in a loud voice is just unmannerly.  Have you heard about the word whisper? Geez…

4. Throwing your garbage – Again, I know there are people who clean the cinema after every movie but I think it is just proper that you pick up your own mess and throw it to the garbage or hand it over to the maintenance.  Do you really need to leave your empty cups in the cup holder?  Is it really hard to pick up the empty popcorn bucket and throw it to the trash can?

5. Putting your feet up – This just gross.  I mean even if there isn’t any person in the seat in front of you doesn’t give you the right to put your feet up.  You are not in your house.  People please.

It breaks my heart to pay 200 pesos or more to be with people like this.  Sometimes I watch movies from posh malls where I pay P250 or more because I know people there are more decent.

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2 thoughts on “Etiquettes in the Movie House”

  1. Man, how similar these things are in our countries!
    I can add a few more to this! Just so annoying some people are..

  2. The last movie we saw was how to train Your Dragon 2. I must admit, I had quite some difficulty keeping my daughter quiet. she was so excited and was really engaged. But then again half of the theater was kids so there were lots of children screaming and parents hushing them down. suppose we can get a pass for this one.

    Among your list, I hate people who put their feet up on the backrest of the chair in front of them. I had to call security once when these teens wouldn’t stop bothering me.


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