Enjoy your goals

One of the things I have noticed from my personal experience is that when people are competitive in their professional life and also setting their goals, when people work hard to be better every day, they also have the risk of being to perfectionist. This can be good in order to evaluate oneself and try to work harder and make things even better. We can make progress day after day.

Nevertheless, the risk is that people who become too perfectionist can get to the point that they do not enjoy their goals. For them nothing is good enough which can lead to frustration.

Because of this, my tip for today would be to enjoy your goals. Feel proud of the things you do, celebrate when you have accomplished an important achievement you have set to yourself in your own way. You can be an organized person, always keeping in mind that the basis of personal success in most of the cases is based in effort and discipline and at the same time, value your own work.

Enjoying our goals is a very important part of happiness and for your own sanity. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Enjoy your goals”

  1. Hi Alvaro,
    Goals are set for achievement and not for enjoyment. If you are content(happy) with your goals and do not do anything in that direction, what is the use?

  2. Our worst enemy is ourselves. We sometimes set such high standards that we are unable to reach the goal that we wanted. All of us want perfection but is there really such a thing? I think we should just learn to be happy even with such small things and then eventually we could prosper along with time and experience.


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