EffectiveCommunication: Be Clear in giving Instructions to Workers/Employees

Communication is a two-way process. One is the giver or the one speaking, and the other one is the receiver, or the one spoken to.

In actual practice, problems can arise if the receiver did not get the exact message conveyed to him. Conflicts can arise in these situations. It could lead to grudges, to burning of bridges or end of friendships, of relationships. When there is no proper conveyance of communication.

In business, the result can be worse. It can lead to loss of profit, loss of clients and death of a business venture. When the employee did not get the message or instruction of his boss, the result will be a mess. It can also result to loss of jobs if the employee got fired for nor listening well to what his boss was saying.

At homes, when the helper did not get what her employer wants her to do, like what food to cook, how it will be done, how to budget food. Also when the helper does not interpret well the house rules specially on security matters.

AS in the case of two handy women I hired to pull the grasses in my little garden. I instructed one of them to spare my newly planted yellow bell. So I left them to do my work at the computer. When they finished, I went out to see what they had done, and when I looked for my yellow bell plants, they were gone! One of them, pulled it thinking those were wild plants. The woman that I instructed earlier did not tell her companion about it! And that was one of the negative results of not conveying the message clearly. I presumed that the one whom I gave the instruction will relay my message to her companion. But she did not!

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8 thoughts on “EffectiveCommunication: Be Clear in giving Instructions to Workers/Employees”

  1. ouchies… (yellow bell on the loose) anyway, one way of communicating too is through writing if verbal can’t be effective.

  2. Communication is the key to make every journey successful even in Business. If things are all clear to all the misconception and speculations have no room in an organization.

  3. Communication is so important. And thinking things out before we speak or write instructions is a good idea. What do we want to impart to others? What is the important crux of the situation?


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