Effective Link Building Tips in 2015

Google is working hard to eliminate poor contents on SERP. For this reason, link building and SEO have changed to conform with the new standard set by Google. Link building remains to be an essential practice to drive organic traffic to a webpage, however, you must discard the outdated techniques in getting backlinks.

That is to say, you need to stop using services that automate article submission. Similarly, offers like 1,000 links for 5 dollar is no longer effective and it can get your website penalized. It is time to follow link building strategies that work during the Penguin era.

Moreover, guest posting helps you secure valuable backlinks pointed to your own site. In order to get valuable backlinks, you need to look for highly regarded blogs to work on. Submitting only top-notch articles is an absolute must. To that end, you need to research topics that are highly valuable to readers. However, if you are not confident that you can produce quality materials – you can hire a ghostwriter from trusted marketplace like oDesk or Fiverr.

Furthermore, bear in mind that quality remains king. If you are willing to exert extra effort in producing highly shareable content, it would be rewarding. People are so attached to social networks nowadays that they always share contents of great value. For instance, Seth Adam Smith’s article about marriage received more than 26 million views in a short period of time.  In an interview, he said that his brother-in-law shared his article on Facebook. Clearly, Seth had successfully captured the interest of the readers.

What is more, Seth’s blog received thousands or even millions of backlinks in no time without direct involvement in building those links and Google knew it happened naturally. Having said that, there is no fast formula in producing viral content. In order to produce highly shareable content, you can analyze pieces that are shared widely on popular social networks like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook – and create an exciting twist.

Finally, Google Penguin updates are frequently rolled out to correct one’s deceptive method in building backlinks to ensure that SERP will only show quality materials to readers. Building backlinks the right way will ensure that our business will continue to prosper in 2015.

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