Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

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If you’ve just found the perfect new home and the prospect of a move is on the horizon, you’re probably more concerned with getting everything packed up and transported on time than you are the implications of your move on the environment. However, moving home in an eco-friendly way is imminently responsible, so it is worth at least trying to make your next move friendlier on the planet that the average.

If you like the idea of an eco-friendly move, here are some tips to get you started:

Get Rid of the Clutter

Decluttering your home is a great way to make your move more eco-friendly. Recycling and donating anything that you do not really want or need will not only lighten your load, which means that you’ll require fewer resources to make your move successful, but it could also save you money because many revivalists will charge based on the amount of stuff you want them to transport. So, actually, by making your move green, you can actually save some green, too.

Choose Greener Packing Materials

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Instead of going out of your way to buy more cardboard boxes and bits of bubble wrap, which have a terrible impact on the environment, why not see what you have around the home that could be used to transport your possessions? Using things like suitcases, storage containers and baskets from your home, and the homes of families will work well, as will using clothing and towels to wrap any breakables with care. Think outside the box, and you’ll be surprised by how little you’ll need to buy to box up your stuff. Again, this is another time when doing the eco-friendly thing could actually save you money too.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

You are probably going to want to give your present property a thorough cleaning before moving day, but the average cleaning product is packed with earth-harming chemicals, so what can you do? Make your own cleaning products, that’s what. With vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, you can clean almost anything in the home until it is gleaming. Do this, and your impact on the earth as you move will be significantly lower.


It may be possible to hire a company who offer an eco-friendly removal service, but if this isn’t possible in your area, at least try to hire removalists who are economical, so that you can cut down on the amount of fuel used to transport the contented of your home from one place to another.

Think About Carbon Offsetting

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If you and your goods are traveling a very long distance, and there is no way of reducing your carbon emissions, you could think about donating a small sum to a carbon offsetting company, who will use it to plant trees or minimize the impact of carbon on the planet in some other way. This might seem like a cop-out to some seasoned eco-warriors, but the fact is if you have to transport your stuff and that causes carbon emissions, as it almost certainly will, paying for carbon offsetting is better than nothing and much more than the average person will bother to do.

Do you have any tips to make moving more eco-friendly?

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