Easily Work Across Different Computers with Google Drive

How to easily work across different computers? The answer is simple. I use Google Drive. I have a 100GB subscription and it handles all my important files. In fact, to this day, I only consumed 16GB.


Google Drive
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All my important files are on Google Drive

I have many options to choose from, including the famous Dropbox, but what I like with Google Drive is that it’s integrated with Google Products like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

I am not using Google Doc every day, but Google Spreadsheet has been a part of my career already.

The old days

When I started bringing my work at home, I use a USB. I know you are very familiar with it — wherein I worked on my laptop, then saved all the files in there so I can update my files at the office.

That’s very time consuming, and most of the times, it would end up having different versions of documents. Importantly, it’s not safe.

Yes, it’s very vulnerable to viruses and corruption.

Last 2013, all my important files were corrupted when I tried moving them to another computer. Obviously, I used a USB in doing that. I am just very thankful with Pandora Recovery until this day because it saved my life. You can download Pandora here for free.

The modern day – Google Drive and Google Spreadsheets

With my bookkeeping career, it’s very easy to update things using Google Spreadsheets and it’s totally free and almost has the functionality of an Excel sheet. Yes, I am very dependent with Google Spreadsheet nowadays, and I will tell you why.

I suppose to talk about Google Drive, but let me point out the things that I love with Google Spreadsheet first.

  • It automatically saves all my changes without hitting the save button
  • It has almost all the functionality of a Microsoft Excel document
  • It’s 100 Free
  • It’s compatible with Excel and I can automatically convert Excel to Google Spreadsheet and vice versa

So, if you are online, and looking for an awesome alternative to Excel, and if you don’t want to pay for it, then go for Google Sheets. Google Spreadsheet or Google Sheets is simply the best!

Now, I and my colleagues are collaborating with Google Spreadsheets, and it increased our productivity.

Finally, let’s talk about Google Drive

Google Drive is another cloud storage with lots of awesome functionalities.

  • Its 100% integrated with Google Spreadsheets and Google Docs
  • It syncs all my files from my laptop to my Google Drive so I can access the files anywhere
  • The data is encrypted, meaning it is really safe and secure to work on Google Drive
  • Even my computer will break, my files are safe since I am working and saving my files on the cloud
  • Extra storage from Google is cheap, and a 15GB default storage given freely are generous enough
  • I can save Gmail attachments to Google Drive with a click

The lists above are not exhaustive, there are more benefits using Google Drive.

To wrap up

I am thankful that I live in the 21st century with all this amazing technology! I also very thankful to Google for developing various products given free to users.

Are you using Google Drive too? How it improves your productivity?

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