Earnings On Hubpages – How To Increase It?

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What’s Hubpages?

Hubpages is an advanced and a pretty popular writing revenue site where you can earn money with the  revenue shares from Google adsense impressions and clicks, other affiliate programs and from Amazon and Ebay where you get about 60% of the commissions and 40% goes to the site’s admins.

How Much Money Can You Make On Hubpages?

The earning potential differs and it depends on several factors including: Your articles qualities, the number of words, views, SEO and some others.

If you want it from my personal experience, well I can tell you that I have made $0.01 on the first day and by posting only one article which didn’t really had a high quality and when I had about 50 articles I started to make about 0.10 to 0.20 cents per day, I know it doesn’t sound that much but I do had some articles out of these 50 which weren’t featured and thus had so little views and scores + my articles are pretty new and were posted only one month ago, it’ll take some more time for Google to show my articles in its search and I think it needs at least about 3 to 6 months!

A lot of people are earning about 100 to 200$ per month while having only about 40 to 70 articles! I’ve also read a review about a girl who earns about $40-50 just from her 35 articles.

How Can I increase My Earnings On Hubpages?

This should surely depend on you and the number of articles that you might post daily, the quality of your articles and how much you would be promoting them so work on these!

1- Post as mush as you can

2- Post high quality articles

3- promote your work

4- interact with the community

5- Give it some time

6- Don’t get discouraged!

As you know, everything needs time and you should surely not depend on that as your main source of income because things do not work

right away there, you have to give it some time and I recommend you to write for more than 3 sites to have more sources of income! And yes I know that it might be tiring at first but believe me, with time it can just get you endless passive income while you just sit and watch your earnings rise!


On hubpages, you have to have a Google Adsense account where you would have the option of activating it or not on your Hubpages earnings section. The instructions are pretty easy to follow and the site’s admins will be always ready to answer your questions and concerns!

I hope you have a great time writing for that site as it’s a very impressive writing platform!

Moreover, there was a site called Squido which was pretty similar and popular just like Hubpages but the admins of it decided to shut it down and to give the writers over there the freedom of merging into Hubpages, now since that is happening imagine how big the community over there will be!

If you have a writing experience about your earnings there please share it with us including how much articles, time, views and things were needed to get your earnings at a specific amount.

All the best!

14 thoughts on “Earnings On Hubpages – How To Increase It?”

  1. phew… I want to have these kind of writing site too, however my time will not allow me at the moment.. I hope that when I have enough time I will be able to join this kind of sites too.

    thanks for the tips… there are so many members here that may belong to that site too

    • Yes, though if you want better earnings I would recommend you day2daytips over hubpages… Hubpages can be good but not for newbies, it can for oldies and old hubs…

  2. I have a little over 200 hubs published there. I usually make less than 40 cents a day. Sometimes if I am lucky I get more. My monthly earnings never exceeded 12 bucks. Takes me a half a year or so to get the $50 minimum which is needed to get paid. I wish I earned more there and was able to reach the $50 at least every few month if not in less time.

    All my hubs have been featured. Now a good chunk of it became unfeatured and not due to quality but due to engagement. I hate the fact that they unfeature hubs due to engagement. That is not fair at all!

    • Awww I know how it feels! I thought that with time people can be earning more as the hubs get more views they get better rankings in Google searches, the earning potential depends on the keywords used in your hubs and the CPM, the lower the CPM the lower your earnings will be oh and I didn’t know that they might unfeature the hubs if they get low engagements! And I totally agree it’s really unfair! I have 74 hubs there and when I don’t promote my hubs I would get 0.10 cents per day as the highest and 0.20 as the maximum when I promote but I’m keeping faith sometimes because I’m pretty much new there and I’ve been only writing for about 1 month and a half over there so right now I’m gonna leave it this way and never write there again until I see positive changes and I’ll be focusing my writings in here instead… Sorry about your bad experience… Yes I have to agree, hubpages can be seriously disappointing sometimes or most of the times…

  3. Views on HubPages often increase when you take time to rework an article and/or supply illustrations.

  4. I used to earn around $30 a month but I concentrated here more now. I heard that HO acquired Squidoo that means more members for HP. But I’m not really sure how these members are feeling with the acquisition.

  5. I have a few articles on HP and it took me 3 years to reach my first payout of $50 (I actually got it 3-4 days ago). But for the past 8-10 months I have seen some increase in my earnings over there. Earlier I was earning few cents every month but nowadays I earn $5-$15 each month, so I hope my next payday will come sooner this time around lol. I have posted only 1 article on D2d so far and I am hoping this site will be good to me. I have only tried IB other than these two and never reached a pay day even though I got several views on some articles at one point of time. I am planning to move my articles out from there.

  6. I made payout for the first time since joining three years ago. To be honest though it was only last year that I treated it seriously and have been posting on the wrong topic. History doesn’t sell!


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