Earn Extra $1 If Your Tips Becomes a Sticky Post!

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Hello Motivators!

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We have some good news, while the comment contest is going on, we will announce another perk here on Day2DayTips! As we try to create a community that would boost the writing and sharing spirit of every member – we will give you an extra 1 Dollar if we pick your “Tip” and stick it on the homepage!

A sticky post will be seen on the top of the recent tips section. Are you excited? We will review each tip manually and decide whether your article is deserving to be promoted on the home page. We will also recognize the “In the Spotlight” and “Awesome Tips” section, so it’s time to scan your archives again for all the helpful tips that might be qualified on these two sections on the homepage!

We are busy people just like you so we sincerely ask your cooperation to organize our homepage that will present articles worth reading for our friends and visitors. The process is simple!

Sticky Postfor the sticky post under the recent tips section, please email us via our support email address, and tell us why we have to stick your article on the homepage! That’s it. We will review your posts, and decide whether you deserve an extra $1 on the payday!

Examples of tips that are deserving to become a sticky post:

In the Spotlight – Please scan your archives, and pick 1 article that is worth showing on the “in the spotlight” section of the homepage! No extra dollar, but it would give you extra exposure for sure!

Awesome Tips – Please scan your archives,  and list down all the awesome tips that you have, that are not currently shown in random order on our awesome tips section! We will try to reorganize our homepage to improve our readers’ experience. No extra Dollar, but it would give your quality content a chance to be viewed and commented!

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Day2DayTips is the first Filipino blogging platform created for the whole world. Through this free collaborative blogging community, the site administrators endeavor to provide quality of life to its members and visitors. Furthermore, this will be realized through the sharing of practical day to day tips that is shared through the site.

49 thoughts on “Earn Extra $1 If Your Tips Becomes a Sticky Post!”

    • You are right with that Bro! This is exciting! We are doing this to reward motivators who are sharing great contents as well as improve our readers experience on the site!

  1. I guess I could not easily do that because accordingly, it is not me who can tell that my work is good and deserves to be admired or whatever. But it may worth a try.

      • Oh I am proud because i research add pictures and make them informative but I don’t want to sound “hambug or mayabang” or too proud or egoistic lol if it tis worht it then it will go up. I did make a lot of good and worthwhile posts 🙂

        • I’m with you, Daisy. This is a quality site so I do my absolute best with every post to make it a quality read with useful information.

          • Thank you so much for that @irenenevins:disqus yeah, I am seeing your quality posts all around, we will try to tweak that interface soon to give more exposures witht the quality tips that we have here.

  2. Mavic is sitting in a corner, eating her curds and whey….

    hahaha I want to say but all my articles are good enough to sick up there. hahaha..
    thanks for a dollar… can I get two or three, please…

    good morning everybody..sorry just a craaaaaaaaaazy rainy, gloomy morning here.
    I need to get some coffee…

  3. This is another cool way to encourage motivators to publish exceptional tips. It get better everyday here at D2D.

  4. How can I give you my best tips in hope that some of them will get sticky post? I mean via email or comment in this post?

  5. Just wonderign everytime I open homepage the posts are different the steady is the one about top commenter and the sticky posts. oh well i’ll just let you guys decied

  6. Thank you for making mine a sticky post at the top of the new posts. Getting an “in the spotlight” spot has been on the list of things to achieve on this site, and I’m happy to say that that’s happened at the same time! Thank you so much!

    • You are always welcome @disqus_Kzie54kHzm:disqus We hope that more
      and more motivators like you will be put in the spotlight too! We also hope
      that the featured section will give more motivation so that all of us here would
      write practical tips that will motivate the entire community.

      • I’m sure it will motivate more people to write more quality and practical tips. I wonder if there is a way to alert writers when their posts have been featured. Since that section can change with each reload of the front page, it can be difficult to see if one of our posts is featured. I’ve seen two of mine so far but only by chance. Thanks!

  7. Just wondering in one day how many posts are made into featured or sticky post? Do you inform the writers? Just asking coz every time I log in the posts are different? I’m not sure but i saw one or 2 of my posts?

    • Hello Daisy! We may or may not feature
      posts on a daily basis, the featured posts will solely depend on the
      submissions that may fit with our criteria for tips worth to be featured on the
      site. And I am glad to inform you, one of your recents tips is featured!

  8. It would’ve been great if the ‘support email address’ was mentioned somewhere 🙁 Also, using captcha for comments is better than commenting through disqus, twitter etc !


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