Dyscalculia.. Math problems

numberSomething serious….  When I was just studying there were only three types of learners…   The smart, the average and the dumb.   Well the smart students were the one with the neat handwriting and can answer questions instantly,  some average learners were just good in cleaning rooms   and wiping the teacher’s table and those who were dumb learners were always absent, and the handwriting beyond the readable state and all other things to be considered…

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The modern time had introduced us to different kinds of learners and  specifically giving different styles in learning.   but then we must be alerted if there are something not right in your child’s mental development.  not to lead the readers to be frantic,  just stressing here that parents, guardians or even teachers should be aware of the child’s development,   Like for example,

Have you noticed your child having difficulties in math? Have you noticed your child can not read analog clocks no matter how you taught them how to read? Your child might have dyscalculia.   Dyscalculia is a learning disability specifically about numbers.



On early stage,  the child might be manifestingD

1.   difficulty to write numbers.

2. associate the number and the value of the numbers.

3. no time concepts or can not read analog clocks.

4. put the numbers in sequence.


If you think your child shows symptoms similar  from the  list above your child might have dyscalculia. It is not horrible, it is not a disease, but something must be done at early stage or early detection.



What to do?

1.  Relax and don’t blame yourself.  It is neither you or your spouse’s fault.

2.  Don’t blame your child and never stop loving him/her.

3.  Bring your child to a specialist or developmental pediatrician.  They can help you to assess your child’s needs.


……………  If this article is wrong,  then that’s good for you, because your child has no learning disabilities.

Always remember that prevention is better than cure.


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19 thoughts on “Dyscalculia.. Math problems”

  1. Excellent tip my friend. I agree, at early age of the infant, we must be aware all the abnormalities so that it can be treated easily.

    • although the learning disability can just detected usually when during the time the kid enter the kindergarten.

      for the infants it will be very difficult to distinguish special children, except if some physical challenges or if obvious case like down syndrome.

  2. You are a teacher and perhaps you know far better than me, but I can say we need and have to tell students to talk over with teachers/professors or parents so they can figure out the problem. Instead of ignoring or calling them null and dumb students, isn’t it.
    I always learn something new from your post Mavic.

    • when I was a kid (this is history, lol) the concepts about Learning Disabilities had not been introduced yet. Nowadays, a smart teacher especially in pre school where the early detection can be obviously seen. Principal and counselor should be notified and also the parents for early intervention.

  3. Parents and teachers should know about that problem instead of punishing or scolding the child if he performs badly in Math.

    • not to brag… I used to be invited to talk about Learning Disabilities an early detection to small provinces in the Philippines in a teacher’s perspective. The teachers who are not developmental pediatrician can’t really say if a student has a disability or not because further testing and assessment should be done to conclude that a child has a special needs. and yes that’s true, i think some teachers now know that they should have leniency to the students who have this concerns.

  4. I used to find Maths extremely difficult as a student, probably I had Dyscalculia but it was never detected. Thanks for your extremely informative article.

    • there are times when the teacher can’t just really teach the subject well. A very significant trace that you have this LD is when you find it difficult to read on analog watches. or you are confused (at this age) which is your left or right.

      you are much welcome and I am glad that you find this informative.

  5. Good article, I think it’s important children do not feel like they are different and are treated accordingly.

    • yup early intervention is one of the solutions to growing numbers of children having LDs.

      For some cases teachers are encouraged to give an easier set of math activities to the students who are having difficulty to cope with the subject.

      • I wish I had had such a caring teacher like you when I was learning, you seem to take a lot of pride in what you do. 🙂

        • I am definitely sure that you are also doing your very very best in your job. So that’s probably me, trying to do the best in my field. We all just pass in this lifetime once… so we better be sure that we leave good set of footprints. LOL… (and some banana peeling on the roadside, be careful you might step on it and trip). lol

  6. There are a lot of learning disorders which have been discovered over the years. And another common disorder is DYSLEXIA, this is a reading/writing disability wherein one has difficulty comprehending despite showing normal to above average intelligence. I think Tom Cruise has this condition. He once said in an interview that when he started out as an actor, it really took time for him to be able to memorize his lines and there are letters which are sometime difficult for him to read.

    • yup, i agree, but scholastic or research has dissected the Learning Disabilities so that educators can pin point what the problem is and address this concern specifically.


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