Drivers Should be Conscious of Safety

It is a basic guide for drivers to follow the rules on driving.

It includes safety tips like keeping a safe distance from other vehicles on the same lane, proper use of light signals whether he is swerving left or right, minimal use of horn, or just use it when needed, and use of safety gadgets like seat belts, for him and the passenger(s).

I hate it when drivers ignore such basic driving safety rules. Of course, he should see to it that the vehicle is in tip top condition for driving, lest every safety tip will be nothing if the vehicle itself is not roadworthy.

Drivers should undergo seminars before they be issued licenses to drive. This is a common mistake in our country when anybody who just learned to maneuver a vehicle could easily get a driver’s license though they do not know the basic road rules! It should include drug testing if he is not using illegal drugs. That could pose a danger to other motorists when you encounter such driver! You better observe defensive driving. More so if it rains or there are flooded streets, one should be very cautious driving.

Avoid rushing to meet the destination, because accidents  happen when the driver loses control of the brakes or of the steering wheel when he is in a hurry; his sense of calculation and his reflexes will be affected.

There is nothing valuable than life and limb.

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