Dressing The Part

This means that whenever you are going for a job interview and even if just inquiring for any vacancies, you must look presentable. Keep all your papers and credentials neatly in an envelope or satchel bag. Not all crumpled or rammed in a plastic bag.

If you are planning to inquire at an office or a big corporation, you must look the part. If female a blouse and skirt would be nice not too long or too short, just above the knee would be nice but depending on your figure. If you re chubby an A-cut skirt knee length would look nice and a blouse that fits well, no cleavage please. I may get you the job if it is a male who will interview you but you can never be sure some males may not even hire you. A pant suit may be fine but pleas no jeans and t-shirt. It is too informal. If you want people to respect you, look like someone to be respected.

Males are usually suggested to wear slacks and a polo shirt or a presentable t shirt with collar. Also a nice pair of shoes or loafer, no sneakers. I think the only way jeans and t shirt with sneaker will be appropriate is if the job you are applying for is in construction unless if you are applying for a supervisory position. Women should also wear nice shoes low heeled so you will be comfortable.

Another thing is to make sure you are qualified for the job. Know what to answer. Have all your papers ready. Be  calm and take a deep breath before entering the room. Pray too.

Dressing the part is one important factor. You need to look clean, smell clean and dressed properly. Females should comb their hair and look neat, not flying all over the place, same with males.

Another thing some employers look at are your fingernails so be sure they are clean. Don’t wear overpowering perfume, a nice clean smell would be nice. Also keep your make-up to the minimal.

So looking and dressing the part will help you in your job search. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared. And looking nice and presentable will earn you respect too.

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2 thoughts on “Dressing The Part”

  1. so agree, dress to impress as others call it.

    and isn’t it exciting to wear high heeled shoes and skirt after graduating from college. At least for me, it is dressing up and putting on make up.

  2. Some applicants are not just aware on how to dress up accordingly.They think that they could just show up in an interview with just clean clothes.


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