Don’t want to use your personnel email address for sign-up?

Sometimes I just need a temporary email address to sign up for some stuff as I do not want my personal email id to be spammed. I had previously created an additional email-id for such thing, but maintaining that account is again an overhead.

Now you can sign up with a temporary id using without worry of getting spammed. provides you with a temporary disposable address that is usable for 10 minutes with feature to receive emails in the inbox of the given id. The e-mail is self-destructive and is destructed after 10 minutes.

No registration needed. Just get to the website and you will be provided with a disposable id to use. Use this id for sign ups and receive confirmation e-mails on this id. After 10 minutes the email-id is disposed of and hurray no spamming or worrying about unwanted mails to your personnel id.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t want to use your personnel email address for sign-up?”

  1. i had this when I was still playing in FB. I have so many email accounts for the games. now I only have two for keeps with different email providers. I did it because i don’t want to miss any of my emails from online and personal at the same time.

    but I think you are right, just to keep from spam and all there should be a separate email accounts.

  2. It is nice. But there should be more than 10 minutes, say for one day or for one week.Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have different email addresses for different purpose. I decided to do this because I used to just use one email address and all my other online accounts were connected with it and that email address I had was hacked. Good thing I was able to “hack” it back.


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