Don’t Be Sidetracked By ‘Get Rich Quick’


Too many people with big intentions to make money online later allow themselves to be sidetracked by ‘get rich quick ‘.  Or more appropriately they’re side-tracked because they did not get rick quick.  What do I mean by that?

Well, who can relate? You’re not blind.  You can see all the opportunities available online. You know that never before was there so much potential to do stuff, including make money as the internet now makes possible.

Accordingly, you log on with the best of intentions to take advantage of the phenomenal opportunities to make money online, among other things.  However, once you get online it’s unlikely that you will escape the deluge of ‘get-rich-quick’, ‘push-button’ and ‘millionaire by next week’ claims of daily product launches.

The glitz and glimmer is attractive and soon you’re lured in by these ‘shiny’ objects.  Against your better judgement you spend money and effort on many such products because you figure something must work.   After much time and effort your result only proves to you that these products just don’t work.  Not for you they don’t anyway.

You’re left out-of-pocket and empty-handed with nothing to show for all of your time and effort.  Can we say embarrassed… ‘cos that’s what you feel.  Major Embarrassment.


So in addition to disappointed and discouraged now you’re also embarrassed. You’ve been burned. You start wondering if this internet thingy even works.  Sure, there are amazing advantages and opportunities offered online.  They simply cannot be denied.  After all, look at some of what is available to you online:

  • Cutting edge tools to work with
  • state-of-the-art resources
  • incredible networking and interaction easily accessible through an out-of-this-world interface and medium.

A mere 10-15 years ago, such a package would have been unimaginable or even if it would have been available, who could afford it? Similar to how space travel is now available but at an unfathomable cost and so is inaccessible to the average person.  Now all-inclusive online opportunities are virtually handed to you and accessible… at your fingertips.

You don’t live under a rock. You know that people are using the opportunities to get fantastic results online.  But does it really work for the regular Jane or Joe such as yourself or is it just a whole bunch of hype?

CUT – Here the story breaks:

First of all, quit being so hard on yourself.  You’re absolutely right!  The best opportunities to make money are online.  Commend yourself for recognizing this and doing something about it. Forget being embarrassed.  Attraction to ‘shiny’ objects affects the best of us.  Now you’re up there with the other successful people online who’ve all ‘been there and done that’. Besides, even from those ‘shiny’ objects you do learn some valuable lessons.

Disappointment and discouragement aside, don’t berate yourself for the time, money or effort you expend going through the ropes of learning how to make money online.  It’s entirely worth it.  How do I figure that it does you ask?  Well, did you ever hear of an overnight doctor?… Didn’t think so.  We expect a doctor to have invested time… lots of time and money, in an effort to become a doctor.  Same with a teacher or a carpenter.  No overnight expectations there.


Or if you could, ask the greats in sports… Michael Jordan or Tiger (Woods) or Usain Bolt, even with all the talent they obviously already had, how many years of continuous practice, literal sweat and even tears it took them to become basketball’s phenomenon or golf’s biggest prodigy or track and field’s latest legend, respectively.   The rewards or the goal were well worth the years of effort they expended.

Yet would-be marketers hop online, usually with no relevant skills and expect to make millions overnight and are ready to throw in the towel when we don’t, after a few failed attempts.  Real failure is to be too fearful to even try so you’re already successful for even trying.  So chin up and know that  ‘get rich quick’ and ‘push-button’ products do work but the reality is just like the doctor, teacher or carpenter you have to spend time, money and effort acquiring the necessary skills to get them working for you.  It’s an investment.

And this is nothing against many who already possess the necessary talent or skills who are able to get the ‘overnight’ or speedy results they set out for.  In fact, more power to them proving that, with the right skills, ‘get rich quick’ online products do work.  They are, however, the exception and not the rule.

You have to look ahead, stay on course.  Don’t allow yourself to be side-tracked and even if you’ve taken a detour, get back on track.  People have worked at a j.o.b. for 20, 30, 40+ years with nary a potential to earn any fraction of a million dollars in all of those years combined.  It’s worth it to be patient.

Of course, that’s not what you hear when you get online where automation and speed reigns supreme.  Which is unfortunate and a misrepresentation of the real and worthy effort involved.

It’s entirely possible to make money online, the real question is how much time/money/effort are you willing to expend or invest to get ‘get rich quick’ or make a million overnight?

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11 thoughts on “Don’t Be Sidetracked By ‘Get Rich Quick’”

    • Hi Arafath,

      It’s a work-in-progress but that’s what I’d love my blog to be. The go-to resource for encouragement, tools, information to help those ladies: moms, aunties, grandmas, girlfriends, etc. who venture online to make use of the fantastic opportunity to make money online, plus so many other things to do online. Encouragement is a great motivator and that’s my goal, to motivate through encouragement.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  1. Hi Jen, I would like to extend my gratitude for this post! This is a great contribution for COD, it’s a great honor to have you here! Since I realized that making money on the internet comes after hard work, I then forget about “Get rich quick scheme”… I will work hard for some cash so I can make a living decently online! Thank you Jen and I am looking forward to have more of your masterpieces posted here on COD! 🙂

  2. Get rich quick stuff is freakin everywhere. I feel sorry for the folks that are sucked into that stuff and then fleeced by the crap samples that run those scams. I think the times really dictate this type of mentality, then sketchy shisters exploit the perception and cash in on ignorance (currently of which there is no short supply of in the US).

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  3. Jennifer, You are right 110%. Most people want a microwave oven approach to making money online. If it were really that easy, EVERYONE and their Mom’s would quit their day job instantly. Focus, consistency and action are your best frinds in this territory. You nailed it. Great write up.

    Your new fan and subscriber,

  4. You really cannot let yourself get too sidetracked by all the noise on the net. I would say a fair estimation would be that 97% of all the claims made are balogna.

    Thanks, Beula


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