Dollar store bargains and dollar store not such bargains!

The Dollar Store can be a wonderful place to shop. However is everything really a bargain? NO! Here are some
TIPS that will help you in your dollar store buys!
Paper and office supplies are good. You can usually get just as good of paper and supplies here just like any retail store, but at a lower cost!
Gift wrap, supplies and gift bags are a really good buy at the dollar store! Those gift bags at retail stores sell for a pretty high price when you consider that the person receiving it will probably toss it in the trash after opening their gift. The Dollar store has a large selection and a lot of sizes to choose from. You can’t go wrong for a buck! Not to mention the bows and tags etc.
Holiday décor is a good buy too. You can really get a lot of decorating things for a few dollars for all seasonal décor like Halloween coming up soon!
What NOT to buy? Stay away from pots and pans! They usually wear out long before a good sturdy one at your local retail store!
Don’t buy Spices. They look good but they don’t cost any less usually than at a regular market.
Don’t buy batteries! They will lose power much faster than good batteries because they are not made with the same stuff!

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