Doing What’s Easy Vs. Doing What’s Right

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you know the right thing to do is the harder one to accomplish?  Having been part of numerous companies and industries in the past, such scenarios are my constant companions.  Moreover, being part of the human capital development team, it’s easy for us to be caught in between doing what is right and doing what is easy.

It’s never easy and you never get used to it

Decisions like letting someone in your team go are never easy – especially when you know the person is doing well.  However, when “well” is not good enough the decision to let go has to be made.  I’ve had this dilemma more than I want.  Unfortunately, as the head of a department, it’s my responsibility and accountability.

Bank on your values

When tough decisions plague our everyday life, we have nowhere else to go but back to our values and beliefs.  Our actions reflect our values.  It is these same values that drive our daily trudges.  However, during tough times, we sometimes question ourselves and our beliefs.  But we find ourselves at the same point each time – will this decision reflect what I truly believe in?

Some things to think about:

  • What do you value most?
  • Are you willing to compromise?
  • How will your decision affect your beliefs?

You seek wisdom from others

It pays to have numerous friends.  Their experiences and ideas provide a host of possibilities – perhaps a way out.  However, as convenient as it may be to just take someone’s ideas and make it your own, you still have to make the decision yourself.  Seeking wisdom from others allow you to gain more knowledge from others.

Some things to think about:

  • Who can you go to for help?
  • Who do you consult when you have a problem?

You live with the consequences

We are all accountable for our actions.  We can’t blame others for doing this or doing that.  Our actions are a conscious decision we take – at least that’s how it should be done.  Whatever the outcome, we face it and accept the consequences.

We learn from our decisions

Every experience adds to our own wisdom.  Every decision helps us grow.  Whenever we learn something we take it with us and use it whenever we can.  Decisions whether small or big allows us to know ourselves better.

The easy way is enticing.  Many fall prey to the deceitful nature of what is easy.  But it is essential that we recognize the true meaning behind every action that we take.  What is right may sometimes be easy, but often times it can be tough.  The gift of discernment offers us the ability to choose properly even when the choices are difficult.

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