Secrets Revealed on how to become a top commenter here in d2dtips.

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As one of the administrators here wrote about the importance of  commenting to  articles.  He pointed  out each essence so well.   Now this article  focuses on “commenting back”.     I think this is just in a perfect timing since there is an ongoing contest on the “Top Commenter”  and the prizes are not a joke, 8, 4 and 2 usd.   Who would refuse an instant reward.

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Why is it a win win situation?

Actually this is  a WIN WIN situation.    Well if you comment to an article, the article earns and you will earn also by points and penny.  If your article has been commented and you comment back to the commenter it would definitely give earning to you in two ways, your article’s viewership  and in addition, gives  you point as a motivator (with some pennies) too.

What is the benefit of earning points?

I think this has been explained by the administrator himself, (  but since this is a part of this article,  let me explain to you on how I understood it.    As our points increase we are getting closer to the next level.   As of this moment we are in Rank 1, all our comments and articles will be based on a certain pay rate which will eventually increase as we move to the next level.

Why is there a need to comment to the articles?

Personally I  respect the writers  of this community and one way of showing it is by acknowledging  their effort through reading  and commenting on their articles.  I know how hard it is for us to write from the time we think  of the subject  up to the part on how to start writing it.

Furthermore, regarding  my own article, I sincerely  appreciate the people who  spent time to read  and left  comments.

How important it is to comment back?

This is very important because as a writer which we usually call ourselves,   it is nice to know that someone has really read our articles and one way of knowing is by getting comments from the other members.   It’s really fun and enlightening to read  people’s different  reactions  regardless of the tone and sound of each.  This goes with the author’s commenting back to your comment.   I mean isn’t it nice to know that the author appreciated your effort, too.   [

  How do I get back to all the comments posted in an article or to my personal article?

Mavic's Photo Collection
Mavic’s Photo Collection
  1. It is easier and faster for me to comment back and forth when I check on my email notifications.
  2. Then from the notification  I click on the REPLY button (it’s the blue box) so that I can go to the article and  be directed  to the specific comment box where I can type my  reply again.
  3.  Some times the notifications can be seen in the SPAM Folder so I check that too.
  4. To be more organized, I delete the notification in my inbox before replying to another notification.


I also go to my personal articles to check if there are new comments.




To summarize,

It is very important to acknowledge the effort of the people who go and read our article.  so as a responsible writer we owe them an acknowledgement too.

The same weight goes to the writer commenting back to our comments, for clarification, questions or further stressing his/her/our points about the article and about the comment.  This is also a good way of showing respect to the reader and other members of the community.

Regardless of the type, tone and message of the comment  given it is just self effacing or simply  proper to comment or respond  back, whether you would like to explain yourself further, accepting his/her opinion or simply affirming his/her presence especially in your article or even if it is her/his own.

…. and just enjoy the comments back and forth as if you were having good exchanges of conversation as friends.

It’s fun  and enjoyable.


You spoke and somebody replied, isn’t it quite rude not to acknowledge the one who just paid attention to your message?

Note:  if this article will give confusion rather than clarification, Admin please feel free to delete it.  I hope that some members will take the challenge of commenting back and forth to other members.   Good luck may the best commenters win.




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65 thoughts on “Secrets Revealed on how to become a top commenter here in d2dtips.”

  1. If every member of D2DTips could start expressing their
    views on tips in shape of comments then I see a lot of encouragement (comments)
    for motivators to write more. Day2Daytips is matchless from every other content-based
    website because here we absorb true things that actually happened to author’s
    personal life.

    Moral of the story is to read a tip it would 5 or maximum 10 minutes. In return,
    we could expect points, cents and above all the view of real people 🙂

    • Very well said @Educateurself1:disqus and thank you for expressing your great interest on this site my friend, yes, Day2DayTips, is more than just a writing site, this is the true hub for motivators who want to share their true to life story and experiences to motivate the community.

    • Exactly! It is just like the saying, “No man is an island”. Although we can breath on our own, still at some point in our lives, we need somebody to live. And that goes the same with revenue sharing sites. If no articles are shared and no one ever bothered to read, then no one earns.

  2. Thanks for this tip. It’s a great help to me, being an amateur. Hope I can also get that precious sleep after this.

          • here it has been raining like forever.. it’s like a desert here, when it rains, rains forever but when the sun comes out.. it’s so hot.. and humid most of the time.

            In the “winter” as they call. but no snow.. the temperature ranges from 5 to 28 (the warmest) so coooooold.

          • not winter “winter” LOl it is just how they call it. but yes at spring some trees have leaves in different color. .. see how beautiful they are? among the green the only pink in the street.

          • Yes it’s really beautiful. I don’t know if I can go to this place. Haven’t gone out of the country in my whole life.

          • the prices of the fare in the philippines to southeast asia countries are cheaper now. especially if you will be able to get the promo fares. Since the flight is short you won’t need to eat in the plane or while in flight. These countries also don’t need visa. I mean just step in their country and they will give you a 30-day or 15-day tourist visa.


          • That’s great and I hope I can have extra money for that. I don’t know if I can afford it.

          • I always believe that if there is a will there is a way. Although I know that we have our own priorities. maybe leisure travel is not your priority now. maybe when your kids grow up…you are still young anyway, unlike me… I am soon to be a golden girl. but the picture that you see are the recent ones. LOL

          • I don’t know if it will be considered winter since there is no “snow” but maybe yes.. and they call the season as winter.

  3. Hello @mavic123456:disqus This gives a lot of clarification with the commenting and the secrets to being the top commenter. Commenting is very important, since we aim to motivate one another here. I hope everyone will spend some couple of minutes when they logged in here to read and comment awesome tips from other motivators! When we can keep this energy for a long time, our success is within reach.

    Thank you for helping us grow this platform!

    • Actually I don’t intend to publish this without your approval. but I can’t wait because I want the other members to realize the importance of commenting back.

      This will be a successful site I can feel it. and no I am not Madam Auring.. neither Stargazer (do you know them?)

      • You really don’t need our permission, I know you are just doing the best for the site @mavic123456:disqus

        I am so happy with that, with people like you on this site – success is possible!

        I knew Madam Auring, but I do not believe on fortunes – not from God.

        • I think as respect to the Admin of the site an ordinary member should not just put information about it like “usage” or “features”. (Personal belief).

          I am glad that you did not take that as an offense, I mean publishing this kind.

          and yes, I am glad that I am not Madam Auring because I look better than her. LOL

  4. Commenting on articles gives the community a chance to know more about the article as the discussion get deeper sometimes and at the same time it allows the members to form a sort of bond which eventually leads to good friendship.

    • Yup, that’s correct. And this is how I met Jenny1015 from the other site. LOL Exchaning comments bring people closer. We get to learn more.

        • this is so nice.. the same I met you two here… Nice to meet you… thanks for meeting me.

          together let’s rock the d2dtips world.

          • i never thought you two were like me, actually, before I was just like a small kitten so afraid to get out under the table… so scared that I might be yelled at .. (can you imagine) because of my curiosity.

            NOw I feel like a ..ahhhhmmm.. roaring tiger.. LOL. just kidding still a kitten. but not scared anymore… i found furballs.

          • I don’t think that the word for the grown up kitten is acceptable here… so yes I will either use roaring tiger or remain a kitten than to be kicked out.

          • good.. phew.. I am so happy that you got the meaning of the grown up kitten. LOL.. yes, and Prime might think otherwise. Whispers to you… You know we don’t like to upset the boss, he holds the key to keep the members or kick the person out. LOL

          • Hmmm.. I wonder if Prime got a crazy mind too and understand what we are talking about. LOL.

            I hope he got the serious one so it means he didn’t understand at all. LOL

        • So @jenny1015:disqus we agree you are also crazy. LOL. This is what I am saying, things get revealed when we converse and comment. ha ha.

  5. It is nice to make comments then get a response back either on your post or on others post. if I can not think of anything to write I usually go and read and comment on the other posts till I get some inspiration 🙂

    • I do that as well. Sometimes the comments area is where I get lots of ideas. After all this is what others are talking about. I might as well write something about it.

  6. I like engaging in a conversation through the comments. it is a way to communicate directly to the members. Plus is gives us the opportunity to know more about the members and create a stronger bond with them. Commenting back is a way for authors to say thank you for reading and commenting.

  7. I like to comment back not just to earn but to interact. I also like how people think on a certain situation.

    • ahhh yes, it is nice to know really the readers’ views. This will motivate us whether to write more or stop at all. also this will also let us know how we sound when we comment on a certain comment/article.

  8. Commenting and replying on comments is one way of making this site very much alive.It is beneficial for all, for the writers and for the commenters as well, as you explained it.

    • Thanks so much.

      and really it is very enticing when there is a communication between the writers and the readers.

  9. I do exactly what you do with the email notices. haha It’s the easiest way for me to go right through them without any confusion. And I believe too, that commenting stimulates the site. The level of activity goes up and of course that’s a good thing for any site. Finding time is a problem for me though. But I may have a little more time than I have had previously.

    • sorry my sexy friend, I did not see this comment. I wonder why? haha.
      Anyway, yes we are doing it right. but sometimes there are “missed” notifications for some reason (like this) good thing that I get back to this one.

  10. Replying when people comment is very important. It doesn’t just acknowledge that someone has taken the time to comment, but answers questions, clarifies responses and builds a relationship with others online.

    • yes I agree though I really did not emphasize much on building relationships and gaining friends that much. Some people just came here to earn. If there will be no corresponding earning here people would surely hesitate to come.


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