Do you Save More if You Pay Less?

This is actually a continuation of the post that I have written just a few minutes ago about buying SALE Products that don’t mean you save money but ended up paying more.  I have read online that if you pay lesser to the original price of a certain item doesn’t mean you were able to save money but you actually spent more.  Why is that?  I’ll explain it to you carefully.

You saved for a year because you want to buy the latest smartphone that was released that same year.  Now you are in the mall just minutes away from where you live.  You were about to buy the phone you have been dreaming of having for a year when a friend of yours sent you a text message that the same exact phone that you were eyeing is also available in another mall with a price less than a thousand pesos than the one you are about to buy.  The thing is, the mall your friend mentioned is an hour and a half away from where you are that very moment.  What will you do?

Before, if I was in that situation, I would definitely go to that mall even if it is far because a thousand bucks is still a huge discount.  You can’t earn one thousand pesos in a day unless you are really rich.  But according to the article I read, that didn’t save me money but I ended up wasting more.  I wasted money, time, and effort.  Why? because if the place was an hour and a half away meaning I’ll be spending more on gas, on parking, or on transportation fare (if I didn’t bring my car to the mall).  And if I get tired with the driving or with traveling, I might buy something to eat and drink along the way.  I just needed to go to that mall because they are selling the phone that I want for a lesser amount from the original retail price.

Supposing I didn’t eat and drink and didn’t bring my car, and supposing I just commuted and spent a hundred bucks going there and another hundred bucks going, did I save eight hundred bucks?  It is still a big “NO” because you have wasted time.  Instead of heading home the moment I bought my phone from the first store I went to and probably resting or watching television, I am still outside our house because the store I went to was far from where I live.  I saved money but wasted time and energy which I could have used it for something else.


So my tip for you my dear readers, weigh things first before doing something impulsive.  If you happen to be in that area and you saw something that you really want and need and it’s on sale, buy it now than regret later.  But if the location is totally out of the way, let it go.  Being stuck in the middle of the road is not a good situation to be in just because they are on sale.


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6 thoughts on “Do you Save More if You Pay Less?”

  1. Since we had our child we came more conscious at what we buy. but there are still times when we forget. We want to save money and at times it gets pretty hard to do so.

  2. The same applies to buying things online. You need to check the shipping costs to make sure it really does work out cheaper than if you went and bought it from a store.

  3. We only buy things that we really needed, even if those gadgets are on sale, we were not tempted to buy it.

  4. That is true! A thousand pesos is more than what an ordinary employee would earn in a day. But if going to another mall would mean spending more time in going there then it is best to just buy where you think is more accessible to you.

  5. Hello there my friend, you are right, if you have some extra gigs, you can even make more than 800 pesos than being stuck on the heavy traffic, right? Well, the bottom line here is, we have to make a good decision first, thinking twice or many times would help, we are rational after all.


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