Do Not Show Off Too Much, Wear Decent Clothing

It has been the fashion trend today for the young to wear skimpy shorts, or very short pair of shorts, and for the tops, it’s tank tops or sphaghetti strapped tops or blouse.

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And with the rising crime rates specifically involving rapes, one of the causes could be too much skin exposure, or too much display of one’s physical assets or body parts. It is like putting yourself as bait for people with criminal minds, as they imagine things when they look at you. It is alright if you are travelling using your own vehicle, but if you are riding a public transportation, like jeepneys here in the Philippines, you can feel awkward on how you will cover the exposed body parts, to the enjoyment of some co-passengers who have that malicious intent.

I do not mean to say that you do not have the right to dress the way you want. What I want to stress here is dress decently, appropriately depending on the situation. It is alright to dress like that if you are on a beach , in a party, or exclusive family gatherings and the party is being held in your own home.

But if you are going to the church, do you think it is alright to dress like that? Churches in the Philippines have posted pictures of how those attending Mass should dress. Pants or denims are accepted for females, but they should not wear too much revealing blouses.

You should not give rapists the opportunity to justify their crimes. They will blame you for their acts, saying you gave the motive to be abused. And we know this is a crooked reasoning. We admire people with beautiful bodies, but it is not always right to flaunt it in public. It is alright if you are inside your homes, inside your compounds because you will be safer there. (Though there were cases when the perpetrators could be the victims’s relatives themselves).

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7 thoughts on “Do Not Show Off Too Much, Wear Decent Clothing”

  1. Thanks Tita for sharing this point of view regarding how trends and fashion affects our society. I am not saying we don’t have the rights to express our style but I guess its time for us to put some limitations for our safety.

  2. They are showing of how they are short of cloth when the dress was made. A funny jokes which indeed sometimes reveal the truth. In the other side, teens or youngsters are now very liberated and it’s obvious on how they wear their clothes.

  3. Dressing appropriately is important. May pros and cons on this subject. Skin cancer for those that wear skimpy clothes in the full sun. And I think that the lack of older generations in the household makes for a more layed back view on what is acceptable now days.

  4. well you can’t blame them, prices are high that includes fabric, so the shorter and the skimpier and tighter the clothes are the lesser fabric used. LOL

    just making a different comment here.


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