Do not go hungry

People who work online do not often monitor the time they work. Often, they do not even notice that they have not eaten for hours. Remaining hungry for hours can cause acidity and other such problems.

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What to do about it?]

Before you sit for online work, male sure you place a bottle of water near your desk. Instead of opting for ready snacks, prepare a bowl of corn flakes or rice flakes with either fruits or milk. Make sure you eat them by taking a break in between.

The human body is like a machine and has to be tended to. If we do not take care of our body, then who else will?

Online workers often complain of headaches. Did you know that headaches can also result from hunger pangs? Please do eat healthy food so that the stomach does not remain empty for long. eating chips or wafers is not the solution though. Wafers only increase the tendency to become obese and also increases the cholesterol level.

A bowl of rice with mixed veggies is also a good option and so also a bowl of noodles or soup.

Staying hungry can also deplete the energy levels.

A heavy breakfast, a good lunch and a light supper is great.

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7 thoughts on “Do not go hungry”

  1. It’s important to get the right nourishment regardless of what you do. When we are swamped with so many things we tend to forget to eat healthy foods. That’s why I have sliced fruits to snack on just to give me the energy boost I need.

  2. The first time I was working online, I was so enthusiastic about it that I have skipped meals and sleep. It was like I was full of energy that taking water and crackers were enough. I did lose weight but after several months, I felt getting weak and I was having more jobs that time so I have to change my bad habit and regain the strength back for a better performance at work.

  3. This is great, I forget to eat a lot of the time. But, that changed when my little one started eating real food. He wants to eat something small 3-6 times a day. Which works well for remembering me to eat. I have started buying water bottles to drink while working too. 🙂


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