Do Business Online vs Make Money Online

Are you Make Money Online Junkie?

Business SuccessYou may be a make-money-online junkie, thanks to the barrage of ’quick fix’ promises of push-button and get-rich-quick products online. As with any other junkie, jaded and out of touch, make money quick fixes keep the majority of marketers online, in the dark or daunted about how money is really made online.

How long does it take the average person who ventures online to ‘figure out the ‘make it or break it’ reality that making money online is really more about a business undertaking, than it is about get-rich-quick tactics or push button products? By most accounts and my own experience the answer to that question is, unquestionably… too long.

Is it by accident or design? Either way 97% of marketers struggle online to make any money while the other 3% easily make all the money. Yes… they easily make all the money.

That’s the tiny percentage of marketers who really ’get it’ and are actively engaged in the real make money online strategies of building and effectively marketing their businesses online.  Even if you’re lucky, to have made some money by following a get-rich-quick tactic it will most likely not be sustainable and won’t last for the long term.

Quick fix products and get’rich-quick claims are merely distractions from the actual work that goes into the real business building processes involved to successfully make money online.

Build Your Business To Make Money Online

It is fair to say that making money online is synonymous with doing business online. The world wide web has allowed us unique and considerable benefits. The technology enables the entire world to be connected with each other in a matter of seconds.

In terms of online businesses, the internet has provided a global portal in which goods and services can be sold and bought by almost anyone in any part of the world. The incredible tools and resources easily accessible to you results in minimal costs associated with an online venture, compared with the usual costs of building a physical business.

Providing anyone, with the right skills who is willing to expend some effort, an excellent opportunity do business online. Major companies, start up businesses and savvy individuals have used and are taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunity available online to become wildly profitable and successful.

However the, skills, effort and patience that is necessary to build a sustainable, profitable business to successfully make money online is not what most would-be marketers will hear touted when you venture online. Building anything requires real work and persistence, which is hardly ’sexy’ and… ‘sexy’ is needed if the goal is to sell well ;)  So instead, misleading get-rich-quick and overnight riches is intensely promoted and is the mistaken expectation of many who venture online.

The result is that many people, unaware of what is really required to make money online, spend far too long, without a plan, aimlessly spinning their wheels. Others, unprepared for the persistence it takes, are disappointed when ‘get-rich-quick doesn’t work for them. Most, soon quit, frustratedly, unfortunately, giving up, on arguably, the best opportunity currently available to make money, online or offline

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5 thoughts on “Do Business Online vs Make Money Online”

  1. Hi Jen, thank you for this awesome article. Yes, making money online is doing business online – no difference! One can only make money if he is serious about the things he does online with focus and dedication 🙂 Looking forward to more of your great masterpieces Ma’am.

    • Hi bro, yes, you have a point but if you will closely look at them, they are both similar, building a blog and monetize with it adsense is a business online, as well.

      • Hi Prime,

        The relationship between doing business and making money online is shady and what causes people to struggle until they ‘figure it out’. Making money online is not hard, once you ‘figure out’ the relevant information to act on. I read one comment which describes the process perfectly. It’s like a giant jigsaw and you have to go on a scavenger hunt to find the pieces. That really needs to change.



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