Dengue Tip

Dengue virus is now widespread specially because it’s already rainy season. One quick tip for all of you guys to prevent this is to keep your surroundings clean and dry, remove any possible nesting ground for mosquitoes like stagnant waters and lastly take a bath daily. Yes, you heard it right, studies shows that female dengue carrying mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of our sweats so basically we just need to take a regular bath in order for us not to get targeted. But if you already have one and you have the symptoms, the best thing to do is to go to the nearest hospital and get admitted. Based on personal experience I was able to survive that life threatening situation just by drinking LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of water.

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    • true. just now, I knew that one of my friends is in the hospital for a dengue fever. I was surprised.. and more so, he is really monitored by the doctors and nurses closely.


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