Debt of Gratitude, Do We Really Need it?

Do we really need to observe the so-called “debt of gratitude?”

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It is like paying with good deeds what others had done to you in the past. Or in the simplest term, giving back the good things that a person or any of your friends or relative  had extended to you in the past. One best example is “paying” what parents had invested in their child when they spent so much for his education to prepare him for his future. But as the law and common sense dictates, parents have that responsibility to provide proper education to their children, on top of providing them basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter. Children are not duty-bound to “give back” what their parents had given him.

But a child who cares enough for his parents should “look back” and “review” what his parents did to give him a good life. Taking care of them, visiting them one in a while during your free time meant a lot for aging parents. They would be so happy seeing you sparing your time for them, no matter how busy you are. This is not just debt of gratitude, but love for parents.

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3 thoughts on “Debt of Gratitude, Do We Really Need it?”

  1. This Tip digs me, I guess it is not giving it back to them, it is for our love to our parents. This is the reason why we wanted them to rest and help them all the way to make sure that they are okay. But it is a different thing for our relatives or siblings, yes we can help back but not to the point of lossing everything because we have a debt of gratitude to them.

  2. The law may not have dictated to give back to parents, but as their children, we should be able to show our love to them and be thankful for the kind of life they have given us. Children who are bound to give back grew up from a very loving family–guided well by parents.

  3. The Filipino psychologist Virgilio Enriquez said that the core Filipino value is “Kapwa”. from here stems many other values including gratitude. it’s a part of our culture.


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