Dealing With Fighting Siblings


How many among you have issues with your brothers or sisters? How long has it been since you had a good conversation? What has happened that made you feel distant with one another?


It is normal for young children to be fighting over a lot of things- from toys, clothes and even with the attention that each one gets from parents and friends. But how do siblings overcome these? Or do they ever?


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In my own experience, since I am the eldest, I was a bit bossy. Well, probably it was brought about by my parents being strict and that they expect too much from me Even when my younger siblings have done something wrong, it was always me who gets scolded and told to always understand because I was the eldest. For a time, I felt distant with my brother. I married quite young and so I did not really had the time to be close to any of them. I was mostly quarreling with my brother back then. My sister is 10 years younger than me. We never fought, I see her as a baby that I would often buy things for her.


But now that we are older, all have families of their own, although we don’t get to be together most of the time. The years have taught us a lot. Probably, my parents did an excellent job in raising us up. But what bothers me is how some families have been broken apart because of the siblings who doesn’t know how to respect each other. It is as if all they need to do is stab each other so that the fight would just end. I fear how they are letting their children see their behavior. I fear that their chidlren might be just like them.


How is your relationship with your siblings?


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13 thoughts on “Dealing With Fighting Siblings”

  1. I have my share of fights with my siblings. But as we grow up, we become more patient with each other. Plus, we’ve learned to roll with each other’s personalities.

  2. That’s what our parents told us, never to fight with each other, but sometimes there could be some small disagreements that are settled out as time passes. It is because siblings do not have the same personalities, or if married, they can be influenced by the wife or husband.

  3. I often times feel that I am a nun whose always giving out sermon to my siblings but that is my duty as the eldest to guide them. There are times things going worst and we have a fight but I’ll make it a point at the end of the day we talked and explained myself.

  4. We have this problem, we are 8 so what do you expect, 8 different types of personality. it’s always WW3 at home when we were growing up. But now that we all grown up. (me as the youngest). we just laugh off at our funny fights when we were younger. Not perfect we still fight now, but fight that will just last a minute or two or an hour.. before the sun is down… we are back to normal.. all forgotten and forgiven.

    we outgrew the fights. we just give way to each one.


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