Dealing with Beggars

I don’t have a hard heart but I am not fond of giving money to beggars who are irritating and annoying specially the “badjaws” who are seen roaming around the streets of our city.  In a way I am irritated by these persons.  I pitied them but I felt more irritated than pity.   There is nothing wrong with begging.  It is their only way to earn for their living.  They ask money from one person to another.  But the way they ask is irritating and annoying.

I was at a drug store buying medicines at that time when I felt somebody poked my side waist.  I was surprised and hurt because my attention was at the sales clerk who attended me.  Then another poke came, I felt the pain.  I looked at her and she held her hand to me as if asking for something.   She was asking money from me.  I was irritated, I thought I could burst in anger but I asked patience to prevent me from doing harsh move against the woman.  She still kept on poking me.  So when the change was already given to me, I gave her the change consisting of a few coins.  But the worst thing that happened, badjaws approached me one by one.  That was the time that I decided to leave but they followed me.  I had no recourse but to ride the first tricyle that I met.

From that time on, I never give money to them however, if there are beggars whom I think really need help, I give but I could not give bigger amounts because I too is not well off.

How about you guys.  Do you also experience what I had?

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16 thoughts on “Dealing with Beggars”

  1. i know someone who was hit (real bad) by a peso he gave to the beggar… the beggar said he wanted to receive 5 pesos.. because a peso has no worth anymore.

    • Too bad really. But that seldom happened. I have encountered that kind of beggars also. There are a few beggars whom I give whenever we meet, i don’t know them personally but they had been part of my life. One is a senile woman. I give her 5 pesos whenever we meet in the street because she doesn’t want 1 peso. Another one is a man who is retarded. He is already in a pitiful situation. He is on wheel chair already. Every morning somebody brings him at a crowded place. He can not anymore ask but we can give him by placing the money in the tin can that he is holding. I have known him even before he was placed on a wheel chair. He used to ask but now he can’t. There is also another who is riding on a skateboard because his legs are very short. He can walk. The skateboard serves as his feet. He is friendly and helpful despite his situation. I still have some but i just end here.

  2. I give to them.. it is one way of exercising our Christian lifestyle.. If they want five pesos, then give.. If we give a hundred that day, what is that in compare to what we waste in other things that is not needed.. that is my opinion my dear friend

    • You are right and thanks for sharing your view. But I only give to those whom I think do not belong to a group. It was such a hard time for me being surrounded by a group with only a few pesos in my pocket at that time. I may had become greedy because i really do not give to these persons. We can easily recogniza them by their looks. I don’t want to experience it again. There are lots of beggars in our place and I had become cautious as to whom I give.

  3. We pity them, the Bajaos, but some of them had been notorious in our place for intimidating school children, demanding for money. If people won’t give, they spit or put dirty things on clothes or pinch the children. They had been a nuisance. I give to beggars but I choose those who I think are worthy to be helped.

    • That is really true. I guess what I experienced maybe was a form of intimidation but milder. What I wish for them is that our government can extend help to them, not only financially, they need education, they act as if they are still uncivilized. They are doing in public what is supposed to be privately done. I guess you know what I meant.

  4. Yes sometime we feel sorry but then sometimes it could also be a racket. Sometimes we also encourage them to continue begging when they could find some small honest job if we just keep giving and giving. Sometime we ourselves do not have that much but if they are really in need of course we help but so many scammer around it’s hard to tell the difference.

    • Yes that is true we could not differentiate who truly needed help from those who are scammers, specially in big cities. In our little city, I have known those whom I helped whenever I see them, they’re only very few. There are also those who asked whom I doubted.

  5. It’s a general principle to help those who deserved to be helped. I don’t know from where the concept of begging came, but it’s my opinion to not give a single penny to beggars. Those who walks around the streets or in markets and then ask you for money they usually are beggars by profession so better to avoid them, but hey sometimes there’s a real needy so be careful 🙂

    • Yes there are really beggars who needed help. Long time ago, beggars were really in a pitiful situation but now, even those who look healthy are begging.

  6. In today’s economy it is really an almost normal occurrence to see a beggar of really any colour, race or form. It really is a sad thing to see and what breaks my heart is when I see mothers with their young babies either on their backs or sitting right on the pavement of some of the busiest intersections, doesn’t matter if the sun is shining, if it is storming or the wind blowing, they stand there religiously. To them I will sometimes give money as I know how I will feel if I cannot feed my child. What annoys me sometimes is if I see healthy people that still have their arms and legs, dressed well and certainly not underfed, standing at corners, robots or at the entrances of shops, literally shoving their caps in your face as they walk right in front of your way and I end up giving them money anyway as well as when I am on my way home late at night from my evening job and they standing at the robots and all I want to do is go home and get into bed. I sometimes wonder why can I work two jobs and not them. Then I think to myself, this poor person might not even have a home to go to or really cant find a job, I give them money anyway. I know they are sometimes annoying but no one knows each others situations, what they had to go through in their lives. I think we are to feel blessed if we are able to pinch a few centsand give to someone needy, to have two or three jobs. We atleast have some to give.

    • These mothers and babies, i guess some of them are homeless too or they are just living in shanties or carts. But though some of them have no house, I guess they are happy with their situation as long as their family is in tact. I have a relative who has no house. They spend evenings in a sidewalk in front of a parlor where the husband worked as cleaner. They were allowed to sleep outside of the parlor, the family consists of father, mother and child. When some of our relatives and friends coming from our province saw them, they offered to give money for their fare but my relative, the wife would just say that she can not leave her husband because her husband does not like to go to his wife’s province. I guess they are happy with that situation.

  7. I, too am not fond of giving money. I try to give food if possible. But there are instances when I feel like giving help. One time there was a couple who went inside the passenger jeepney I was riding. They had a piece of paper saying that their relative has not been laid to rest due to lack of money. At first I was hesitant but then, I gave 20 pesos. Then some of the passengers told me that I should have not given anything because it might just be a scam. I told them that my intentions were pure. If those people had other things in mind aside from asking for real help then it is not my fault but theirs.

  8. I don’t like giving money (even if they are just spare change) to beggars. If I have food, I give food but not money.

    • I remember when I was still a child my mother used to let old lady beggars inside our house and fed them. Then an incident happened one time, an old man came to our house. He was given food and he stayed inside for awhile until it was dark already. We waited for him to go out. Then when he went out, we immediately closed the door. What happened was that the old man was so angry because when he returned the door was already closed. He was shouting and cursing. It went on for a few minutes and I was so afraid then. I was just a child and I could not even remember what happened next. From that time on, my mother would only give food to beggars who are strangers. No beggars were allowed inside.

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