Day2DayTips’ Response To Ms. Daisy

We have decided to make the response to Ms. Daisy’s post into another post so that all members would be able to read and fully understand what Day2DayTips really is.


Good day, Tita Daisy!

This is exactly one of the reasons why I made a post yesterday and made it sticky, hoping that members would take time to read and know what they should do on Day2DayTips. You are  probably aware that not all people that signs up in a writing site are really writers at heart. Some would want to either start trying to become a writer and some would just want to be part of a writing site just so they could earn from it. With the kind of posts that Day2DayTips require, not all can be comfortable in making one since other revenue sharing sites would allow its members to just write whatever they want. We want quality content for the site mainly for the purpose of being an instrument to make people motivated and inspired.


We may have hit a plateau when it comes to interacting among its members. Why? Well some of the great writers we have are busy with their own writing gigs and Day2DayTips may have just been an outlet for them during their free time. That is why we try to come up with something new or exciting to liven the site. We don’t want to make it like an automated site wherein there is no longer interaction among the members. We highly recommend interaction. Coz it is not just making your earnings increase but the different opinions of a certain situation can be tackled which can help enlighten the minds of those who might be in need.


I am grateful for you have made a post about how you have observed Day2DayTips has become this past days. I actually wanted to make a similar one to inform the Day2DayTips community that more than just submitting posts, we need to work together to help inspire one another. Day2Daytips is a new site and we are all working hard to make this one of the best revenue sharing sites in the virtual world. We could not compete with others as some have investors that could afford to pay its members much higher than what we can offer. But one thing that we can be proud of is that Day2DayTips has far more quality content than any other revenue sharing sites that I know. Being a first for the Filipinos, we have great dreams for the site which will not only benefit the people behind it but most importantly the members who has helped build Day2DayTips to become a reality. You would not imagine how much effort on both time and financial aspect that the admins have to deal with just to ensure that we make it always possible to send payment to the members.


I hope that my response to Ms. Daisy would serve as a wake-up call to the community. The  Day2dayTips community’s success in online writing will depend on each member’s activity. The more time you put in, the more earnings you will have. It may not be as much as the other revenue sharing sites, but definitely, you would want to stick to a site that pays on time, all the time.


We always include member’s input for our site. Afterall, Day2DayTips is a site for everyone. Our goals may not have been reached at this time but we are trying our way to make things possible in the coming days.


To the Day2DayTips members, we greatly appreciate all the efforts you have exerted in sharing your tips. We are proud to let people know that the site we have built has been more than what we expected to be from the start. And with your help, we can be just as great as others but this would only happen with your continuous participation and support for Day2DayTips. Let us all help make great things happen for the site. Money may be of great concern for others. And we understand that they need quite an amount each month. We will get there, eventually.


A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

32 thoughts on “Day2DayTips’ Response To Ms. Daisy”

  1. @jenny1015:disqus
    I have noticed that, on here, there is almost zero interaction and, as a social networking site, I thought it was because I’m from the USA and most of you are from the Philippines. I truly dislike a site with no interaction, after all, what’s the point of writing if nobody reads or comments?

    It feels like a total waste of my time and yours. The original site that I wrote for, for 7-8 years, prior to it shutting down, or else I’d still be there, interacted constantly with one another. That was HUGE there.

    I had things that I wrote get discussed for over three days, till even “I” got sick of them and went on to discuss someone else’s writing and the comments? Over 100-150! Not junk, mind you, real honest to goodness comments. They had thought and meaning. The pay was great, the rules were strict, but we all stuck by them and if someone didn’t, they were deleted and blocked. (I loved that.)

    Frankly, my blog gets more interaction than here and it’s free. But the interaction, the people I’ve met and come to “know” are priceless. (I also was recently given two writing awards over there, that’s also priceless).

    If I could see what I was doing online (my stupidity, I put off my eye exam for too long) and will be going on August 3rd, that’s where I’d be right now, or another site that has a lot of rules, but also has a lot of interaction.

    Or the one I haven’t yet joined….which I’ve been encouraged to by the owner – so will do it later.

    Here? Not much if any and I’m still having trouble linking my posts, so basically, nobody finds them. As I am a published writer, I know good interaction from none or bad. I’m seeing almost none here, though there are exceptions, they are few and far between. Sad, isn’t it?

    • Hello @katlnhat:disqus It’s never a waste of
      our time, we have built this site with a clear plan in mind, of course, as
      expected, there would be rough roads that await us, but we have the needed
      patience and determination to go on in this journey!

      There might be some writers who are frustrated with our site like you, who feel
      you have just wasted your time being here – but, if you can totally understand
      the platform – you can’t complain. This is a blogging platform like any blog
      you see, just likes yours, but this is a different face of blogging, where
      writers come together in one and blog collaboratively.

      You can’t compare D2D with a non multi-authored blog. On your blog, you can
      expect your friends to comment on your blog posts, but here, we have plenty of
      posts to comment and interact with, so it’s expected that some (without effort
      to promote it) will be buried in the archive.

      We are the community here, unlike other writing sites that have a huge based of
      members to comment and be an instant traffic to each and every post, publish on
      there, we are just starting our journey, that’s why we always encourage
      everyone to promote their post, just like building their own blog, because
      writing is not enough.

      We cannot force everyone to be here, to exert effort as much as we exerted effort
      to build this community, but we are very thankful for the few writers who are
      here – who want to journey with us.

      • I agree, wait, am I signed in? I thought I was… oops. Anyway, I do and I will do more, once I have my eye exam, because I let it go too long and cannot really see. I’m typing off the top of my head, you are blurry! 🙂

  2. I admit I am guilty of not interacting a lot, but I don’t just “post and run” either. 🙂 I enjoy a lot of tips but sometimes, well, I just have nothing more to contribute so I don’t leave a lot of comments 🙂 I enjoy the tips here though 🙂

      • … and I just returned after two months! Good thing d2d doesn’t punish the absentees LOL… I can feel october’s gonna be a good month though (it’s my birth month after all LOL)

  3. This is indeed a wake up call for everyone. The site started in March and it has grown to what it is today. Many thought it won’t last his long. Moreover, many have doubts about earning here. But in spite of all these negative ideas, we are still here and going strong. As a community, we thrive in meaningful connections. When we share and interact, we breathe life into D2D. The more we come together as a community, the greater rewards there is for everyone.

    • Thanks for backing me up, @jpcmc:disqus The main reason of putting up this post is for the members to know that Day2DayTips have been able to stand firm for the past months is because of the help of all the members who have contributed invaluable tips. We have great contents on this site and we only want it to be wandering through the whole virtual world not only wanting to earn from it but for people to see that we are far more different from other sites and that our members are of high caliber as well.

      • I was drawn here because I believe in what D2D wants to accomplish. It can only be achieved through a strong community.

        • Very well said, @jpcmc:disqus ! It may take sometime to see the result that we wanted, but everyone starts small. And we are not in a hurry either. We just need to believe on what we can do, make the best of everything and continue inspiring people.

          • That’s right. As we make D2D better, we can provide awesome experience to our members. Along the way we hope we can influence positive change.

          • A very good insight Admin Jenny! I believe that there are many great Filipino writers who want to help us make the noice for D2D!!!

          • We are quietly doing some crawling. Although we may have stumbled on a few dead ends, I am sure we will have the huge break that we all want…soon. Crossing my fingers on that,

          • It’s a learning curve and we are learning. When we take all our experiences with other sites – good and bad, we can come up with something awesome for D2D.

          • I agree on that Admin @jpcmc:disqus , the things we can’t do on other writing sites that we wish we could can be always implemented here, as long it improves the users experience here on D2D.

          • I agree with Admin @simplifiedblogging:disqus this is an opportunity for Filipino writers to pitch in and make Filipino writers known all around the world.

  4. I am guilty for the past few days or about months for being inactive but now I will spend more hours here to interact motivators on their respective post. Thanks admin @jenny1015:disqus for the wake up call.

    • It’s okay Partner. Some motivators have jobs and it might be too impossible for them to be here all the time. There has bee a huge decline in interaction and of course, it is scaring some of the active motivators. But, we will all help together in making this a lively site as much as we can. We’d be coming up with a new “bomb” to create noise! LOL

      • Wow! You know what @jenny1015:disqus writers and motivators cannot just expect traffic with their tips, you know, writing is not enough, but since this is a collaborative blogging platform after all, we will help each other shine!

      • I think you are one of those who don’t have a full time job at the moment. We need your help. But as of the moment, my Boss went for 30 days vacation so I think I can spend some of my time here.

      • Yes, indeed! We need to wake up if we want to have a good revenue in every post. I mean we need to interact to others. Not just for the sake of posting our content and we start counting our earnings. LOL


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