Day2daytips Is Great Residual Income Site

I’m still strongly believe day2daytips is the best residual income site that could help you to make passive money even when you’re sleeping.

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I wrote around 12 articles inside d2dtips and take off for a week due to personal issues that require me to go for outstation.

Since then, i’m been off the laptop for a week without login to d2dtips or posting any new article but my income still remain increasing.

Although couple of pennies but still is money that come passively without posting or contribution from me.

Before i went to outstation, my account showed $0.90 but after a week later it increased $0.30 became $1.20.

Hence, i’m making another extra $0.30 without my attendant.

This is what i’m been looking for an article writing site that have the potential to generate residual income automatically with minimum monitoring.

Once you have sufficient articles loaded within this site, then you can putting less effort and enjoying the same return on continues month.

Let do a simple math based on my experience mentioned above:

Passive income a week = $0.30

Total articles in house = 15

Passive income a day = $ 0.04

What-if case:

Total article in house = 150

Passive income a day: $0.40

You can clearly notice, with 150 articles in your list, then you can easily enjoy $0.40 of passive income every day and get paid $12 a month ( 30 days).

It’s actually a very pleasant number to me.

If you’re still not a member of day2daytips today, come and join us and earn together!


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6 thoughts on “Day2daytips Is Great Residual Income Site”

  1. A simple mathematics but you can learn a lesson. It’s just like you are now planting rice and then later on you will ripe the fruits of you effort.

  2. Nice computation, And because this is s nice-paying site, we can sleep well knowing our articles are earning, and we could get it on month’s end. And that is confidence in a site!

  3. wish it was true I am writing everyday yet i have not reached $2 but hoping soon it will increase and i do interact đŸ™‚


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